Saturday, January 15, 2022

Vaccine Authoritarianism: What would Jesus Do?

Jesus would not comply: here's the evidence


Jesus blesses the poor, the innocent, the peacemakers, and the persecuted (Illustration from

If a Jesus were alive today, he would not comply with the vaccine mandates. I don't believe Jesus and his disciples would support vaccine authoritarianism or medical martial law because they lived beyond fear-mongering. Whether an individual complies or not, because s/he is on Earth to hopefully model and spread the Good News.

In my reasoning, I am not following the current "science" of amassing and analyzing reams of digital data which themselves are easily manipulated. Witness the mass of unrelated deaths recorded as such. Or the fact that algorithms falsely tag data to establish a commercial media hierarchy in search engine optimization. Science has become what they want to see or expect we should, rather than what is true, tried, and tested. Empirical scientific evidence, such as natural immunity, no longer even matters!

All that matters is following orders for its own sake, so that the quisling in charge can be promoted.

It follows being an expert in theology may not pertain much here nor should quoting exactly from this particular Bible. Anyone who grew up attending church regularly in any way recalls many of these biblical stories from the New Testament. But they can be drawn from the Old Testament as well.  

Do you think Elijah would have complied? Probably not, judging from his courageous and determined war against Baal (as beautifully described by Andre Moubarak in day 7 - Mount Carmel -- Elijah Conquest -- Baal vs Yahweh)

The miracles that Jesus performed were not merely gratuitous. His miracles of compassion were performed out in the open, in homes, in gathering places, even on boats. There were no pre-conditions for those present. Anyone was free to listen whether young, old, rich, poor, whatever their health status. His disciples were not screening people for diseases.

Jesus vetted his disciples when they joined his ministry for their ability to become faithful to his teachings, their receptiveness, and future potential to translate and spread the Word. Those were the only major criteria at the time. Women numbered among the early Christians as indispensable as well. They were, to be honest, a motley crew just like Buddhist monks, for they relied upon the generosity of the fellowship. It was a time when there was no fear among themselves, only trust, unconditional love, and the ability to reflect. 

Today the elite only want to spread fear, distrust, and a new world order.

"Now the disciples crossed to the other side and forgot to take bread along. Jesus said to them: 'Keep your eyes open and watch out for the leaven of the Pharisees and Sadducees.'" (Matthew, 16:5-6)

Now we can view the false bread, the bread that will supposedly free us of all ills, as these experimental vaccines. Massive data collection, vaccine passports involving monitoring, testing, and boosters are part of global surveillance capitalism---and the attempt to subjugate humanity under the rule of artificial intelligence---the new false gods of Baal and Moloch.

This is contrary to the inclusiveness of Jesus's teaching in which there are only the messages of love and hope and peace. An example was his curing of the ten lepers, which would occur when they showed themselves to the priest (Luke 17:11). All ten were cured on the way, whether or not they recognized Jesus as the Son of God. Jesus respected the temple for containing the law, but he worked outside prescriptive laws. The pharisees, those in control of the temple, viewed Jesus as an anachronism, a rebel, a nonconformist.

Today, many religious institutions kowtow to various authorities, politicians, and pecuniary interests. They are confined by dogma and merely implement the law.

Jesus cured so many different people, whatever their condition, background, and conviction. He did this as part of his ministry and teaching, but made it clear that it was done to exemplify God's spirit, and certainly not for "beer and bread, a comfortable lodge," as his forty days in the desert demonstrated. (Mark, 1:12-13)

"And a scribe came up and said to him: 'Teacher I will follow you wherever you go.' But Jesus said to him: 'Foxes have dens and birds of heaven have nests, but the Son of man has nowhere to lay his head.'" (Matthew, 8:19-20)

Jesus was an iconoclastic figure, not an institutionalized careerist. He viewed the number of conversions as his wealth, even entrusting his silver with an embezzler, Judas.

Ultimately the pharisees and city officials wanted to do away with him because they did not want a Christian faith, were not ready for it. It was these false teachers who determined who entered the kingdom of heaven, who would be admitted into the sepulcher.

"Be on your guard against men, for they will hand you over to local courts and they will scourge you in their synagogues. And you will be brought to governors and kings for my sake, for a witness to them and the nations." (Matthew, 10:17-18)

The Sadducees and pharisees and scribes attended these meetings and used their powers to observe him closely for abrogations of custom. Obviously they found many from Jesus, who was merely baptized by John, not authorized as a chief priest. The idiosyncracies were numerous. Jesus cured on the Sabbath, the disciples plucked grains from the field to eat, they did not obey the protocols on cleanliness. Jesus did not reject any sinners and criminals mixed in with the listeners. The scribes sought to entrap him with trick questions, but over and over again, his forthright answers and parables left them speechless and perplexed.  

If anyone doubts we are not living in the final days, those doubts can be settled: it is right now. We are seeing like never before, a global-elitist body planning and legislating policy to be implemented by all nations. No review or approval, just executive orders. The rank-and-file officials and quislings blindly obey. Liberalism has reduced itself to skin color and gender. Social justice has transformed itself into a false-messiah basking in the glow of manichaeism, the conflict of dark versus light, in exchange for name, fame, and gain.

Terrifyingly simplistic whoever the acclaimed authority, many new policies are inimical to the Gospel and to the foundations of civilization. They include encouraging euthanasia, police tribunals, military juntas, and corporate theft. On the chopping block are the elimination of public common-sense, and replacing it with mass formation psychosis. Draconian measures will be used on those who do not obey. Mass propaganda is increasing to ensure the population becomes programmable. Non-profit boards ensure that only a narrow spectrum of concerns are addressed. Experts are burdened with proofs of massive data analysis. Scholars are laden with demonstrating technical glitz rather than broadening their life understanding. BLM or social justice watchdogs attend local celebrations to play the judge on correctness or file lawsuits. Pedophilia is slowly becoming legalized. Children are being exposed to spectres of sex, transgenderism, and pornography at increasingly young ages to rob them of innocence. Human trafficking and exploitation of the vulnerable go unpunished.

Everywhere mixed messages abound and are multiplying, while the rules change daily.

But Jesus would not sit idly by and neither would his disciples, nor prophets before him.

"He continued teaching daily in the temple. But the chief priests and the scribes and the principle ones of the people were seeking to kill him; but they did not find any way to do this, for the people one and all kept hanging on to him to hear him." (Luke, 19:48-48)

Socialized crimes are being committed daily against humanity which are not being broadcasted. Community activism and empathy are dying. True critical and independent thinking is held up for mockery. Good religions are being attacked or defunded. All of this is pretty much in line with The Fourth Industrial Revolution vision of Klaus Schwab, who doesn't believe that humans should be human anymore. (Read "Klaus Schwab and his Great Fascist Reset -- An Overview" by Winter Oak at the Wrong Kind of Green, October 5, 2020). Of course, independents, progressives, and conservatives are fighting back, because this is not a red-blue issue. It's about biological freedom. Recently Rep. Thomas Massie, a Kentucky Republican, announced that his office will not adhere to the Washington, D.C. vaccination mandate, according to the Washington Examiner ("Shame has befallen our nation's capital," Jan 14, 2022). 

Have you been persecuted by family and friends over your vaccine resistance or questioning of mandates? Have they shut you down, turned you out of the house, or threatened you? I don't believe that is how Jesus and his disciples would handle things or speak to others. Whether you comply or not should be your choice, because we are on Earth to model and spread the Good News.

Spread the word and plan on attending the #Defeatthemandatesdc march on January 23rd. Visit to learn more.