Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Too Many Homeless and Migrants Makes for Strange Bedfellows


Homeless Services Limited Shrinking Accountability
Tilex and Spray Bathroom Cleaner Handy Weapon

Thank to the Biden Administration with its gates wide open for all-migrants rushing into the United States, "Houston, we have a great problem!

Not only is New York facing a deficit and possible bankruptcy accommodating the migrants, but so are other sanctuary cities. All citizens living in the city nowadays must keep an eye for the migrants who have no place to go during the day. They might be seen standing at a street corner or near a street lamp, sort of dazed, staring at passerbys. Others look as if they are in the process of assimilating, but not if every two steps they need to check their Google Map with special instructions in Spanish.

They are squeezing out the homeless shelter populations in New York, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Denver, and elsewhere because there are special monies for housing the migrants, providing them welfare assistance, and even dedicated funds from the United Nations International Organization for Migration. 

According to the Center for Immigration Studies:

"Above all else, the UN investments in migration support activities this year now matter because they may well have just become the central linchpin in a new, unconventional White House border management plan to essentially “legalize” hundreds of thousands of immigrants annually before they can attempt illegal crossings so that they can instead be escorted into the country through official ports of entry, with pre-approval, as CIS reported here in November."

Granted that a few hundred dollars per migrant is not a lot, considering the rising costs of living inside the USA; nevertheless, put together the packages, including housing incentives probably also by the federal government and special programs, such as Welcome Corps, team up to provide new refugees a pathway to citizenship. 

What this means still is that local facilities, such as schools, playgrounds, parks, nursing homes, auxiliary buildings on campuses, and other facilities may still end up being used to house the overflow of migrants. This is already happening in New York, and including kicking seniors out of the nursing home for making room for migrants. A recent story by MSN reports that one nursing home on Staten Island has kicked out Korean War and World War II vets to make way for housing illegal migrants.

To understand the federal funding system one must also contextualize with regard to the cartels involved in offering tit-for-tat deals. There are articles about migrants wearing special wrist bands identifying their sponsor or cartel smuggler group; typically their contract might include serving as a drug-mule, as a future sweathouse laborer, as a promised for sexworker, as illegal grow farm labor. 

If one serves inside the working class whether in schools, hospitals, construction, or other pipeline industries, there is something akin to a "don't ask, don't tell" sort of authoritarianism that can slowly allowing the cartels to take over certain industries, then certain governments, then states, just like in various states in Mexico, in Central America, and in Columbia. 

Meanwhile, Washington community residents living in permanent supportive housing or surviving on HUD vouchers are being systematically disabused of their rights and privileges. This is seen in a variety of subtle changes in the homeless community advocacy processes. For instance, Washington Legal Clinic used to travel to various homeless supportive services communities, such as Miriam's Kitchen, StreetSense, N Street Village, etc, but ever since Covid-19 lockdowns, they have stopped. 

There is every reason to believe that in a government shutdown or under austerity measures, the McKinney-Vento Act may be at-risk. Here is what the US ICH has as a warning as of October 4, 2023 on the main webpage:

"In the potential absence of federal appropriations, neither USICH nor would be operational. Read more about our shutdown guidelines."

Too many social workers and federal employees at the trough to ensure that the homelessness dollars are sponged off and to belittle homeless and low-income residents so that there is no Robin Hood or Mitch Snyder hero/heroine rising up to help found independent homeless community shelters. 

Today any symptom of that kind of independent-mindedness is often targeted by staffspersons inside national charitable programs. NGOs, such as Catholic Charities, hire many staff who come from underprivileged backgrounds, and who often receive a lot of training on the job to compensate for the lack of a college degree. They become, pretty much, checklist sort of employees, who only see things in black vs white thinking. 

That in turn tends to create a sort of menagerie environment in which even organized crime can make its way into the setting. At the very least, it tends to exacerbate friction because the staff don't view the residents as individuals on their own, rather as a class that can be stigmatized based on income. If you were a good Catholic before living at Catholic Charities, it can make your faith very trying. But of course, just think of the obstacles that all nuns and seminarians face today.

Anyway no wonder there are men who just don't want to live in any kind of shelter system, which unfortunately, can place them at extreme risk from the elements, let alone reduce their chances of finding a Housing First placement. There is one such fellow now who still lives at McPherson Square, even though all the homeless were evacuated from the park eight months ago. 

This fellow has clung onto his sidewalk home tenaciously. It doesn't even look like a home---more like a vendor's street cart---which explains how he has managed to pass for such. However his face and his general condition says it all. I thought he was quite obstinate, but now, I realize that maybe he has something credible to be worried about in DC's men's shelters, with their returnees and toughs who often target nonblacks or anyone "different."

This dude likes to talk politics, but truth is that he is now worried about being chased out of the park. So his blog now has that as a featured talking point on the mainpage of The Park Police want to contain Daniel Kingery's independence, keep him inside a shoebox for a room, or a prison-bunker for a bed. They always hate bloggers and independent journalists the most; even the best of the alt-journalists are often the worst hypocrites.

Anyway either that or there is the rush of authoritarian empowerment after the January 6th show trials, with some of these insurrectionists now sentenced to serving decades, yes decades, in jail for serious crimes that never happened. No one was hurt, no one was kidnapped, no one was really even threatened, but the lesson being that former President Trump and his ilk must be taught a lesson.

I am not sure what party Daniel might belong to, but often, the Republican Party gives lower-middle class white people something to hope for. Maybe they think that Happy Days might return again, although for sure the days of Archie Bunker are long gone. A shred of hope is something that all homeless and low-income disabled older people desire, yet certain types of social workers don't even want to offer them the tiniest scrap.

There is the rub where Permanent Supportive Housing and Transitional Housing goes. Even if the rules and the civil rights code state no discrimination based on income or house-address, it happens an awful lot inside Washington, D.C. It happens outside of D.C. too. As soon as some healthcare worker figures out that I am only low-income, and it might even be my relative working as a doctor, they no longer address me in a polite, civil manner.

And here at Catholic Charities, there is also ageism to consider. Yes, the Pope and a whole lot of cardinals can live a very respectable life with people bowing and stooping to kiss their hands. But for nuns, they are lucky if they can get their medical bills paid. For some low-income pensioner caught inside the Catholic Charities system, and it doesn't matter what your educational level is, just like being placed in a nursing home, you are just as useful as a wooden pallet.

Why do I say that? Because you can assert yourself blue in the face, and the staff assume the most lackadaisical atttitude, lie to your face practically, and blow you off while snorting with laughter and derision behind your back. If you are being bullied, the official policy is that there is zero tolerance.

The real policy is that bullying is used to weaponize the staff's authority as an extension of their power. We have a gal here who has terrorized the second floor of the group home for women for the past two years, and she is getting worse, not better. All of us have complained about her---that is at least ten women on this floor, and at least four women on the other floors, but the staff let her stay here.

I asked the director about this after I was recently forced to file an anti-stalking order (it should have been a civil protection order but at least it is something). The director assured me, "I've tried to get her out, but it's a decision that is being made higher up." She has used that line before, the very same line, with another very troublesome resident (who is still here).

You know why I don't believe it, even if I kept mum while she asserted that repeatedly? Because it is the staff here who decide who is admitted here. They decide among themselves directly, yet they cannot evict someone because "someone higher up is making a decision"? That's just an excuse!

This predatorial housing inmate is a monster. She wears a black trenchcoat 24/7 with the hood up, dark sunglasses, black leotards, and black boots. She dresses like that 24/7 even inside the house. She verbally and physically harasses other women on this floor. (I suspected she is transgender and still have my doubts). Being at least 6 feet in height, she uses her height to her advantage including obstructing the doorway into the bathroom or pushing a cabinet against the door to keep it shut. (For some reason no locks on any bathroom doors here).

She also chases after residents outside the house, yelling racial epithets at them, screaming and cursing at them, even if they never talk to her. I wanted to show her some niceness, but she doesn't really see anyone here as a human being. She starts launching her verbal and then physical attack as soon as she sees the person (object) period. She is clever enough to fake it with the staff, of course.

In her room, she screams for hours, literally hours, at a time, using foul vulgar language about this resident, that resident, this staffperson, that person, etc, even though everything she says is based on her imaginings of that person having done or wishing to do something to her.

I have recommended over and over again that she needs counseling, she needs anger-management training, she can be counseled outside the house, and her medications should be regulated. But again, all of this is seemingly ignored.

Recently she SPAT on an older white female resident who lives here. Again this older resident, who I've known for at least four years, would not harm a fly. Yet she accosted this older woman and began haranguing her about being a disgusting white person, and then spat on her. She also has attacked me (an Asian-American) verbally, and recently used a bathroom cleaner spray to spray on my face.

You know what one staffsperson did when she heard this? Sort of laugh or smirk. She thought it was funny! Then when I told her it was not funny, that she is a menace for the house, she said exactly the same thing: "Well it is a decision being made from higher up." And again, she laughed or smirked!

Higher up? Try lower down---it must be Satan who is advising them to keep bullies around and allow them to act so sadistically. If she had done that to the STAFF, then of course, a whole different story, right? She would instantly be gone.

But we are just residents, so we don't have the same kind of human rights anymore. And that attitude has been adopted by other agencies or institutions socially influenced by the power, might, and dollars of Catholic Charities. Even the court might be persuaded based on labels to view me as a "lesser person" or as "living in a group home of disabled women" or "lower income" or just stereotyping the very same way that I often hear the staff do, and the Catholic Church parishioners do, that "this is a house of mad women."

Great. So they have to keep the self-confirming prophecy by allowing and encouraging this monster-demonically possessed woman to stay here. She is demonically possessed if she can rave evil things about people and think such bad thoughts and give vent to that screaming in rage for hours at time. She is a bad person for her vile intimidation of other residents on this floor, calling them names, spooking them so bad that they dare not use this restroom on this side of the floor even though she maniacally pretends to do my cleaning chore for me, acting as if I can never do as good a job as her.

I have very sad doubts that the Anti-Stalking order will have much effect. It won't encourage Elle to apologize. The staff never make her apologize about how inconsiderate and abusive she is. The staff don't seem to mind that they support such mixed messages about the mission of this home which is for women who are disabled and recovering from abuse. They don't care if they are derelict in their duty and responsibility to protect or provide a safe place. They certainly are not operating in good faith.

And the court, which is too close to this shelter, and we all know how powerful the church lobbyists are in this community, will even probably try to trivialize my complaint even if I present evidence and have witnesses.

This, too, is the state of America today, where because of so many poor people, the present poor Americans can be conveniently shoved aside to make room for those "paid for by the cartels." That is why the staff sort of leers, and sneers, and scoffs. But it can be for other reasons as well. People who are in the human trafficking business are trained to adopt a cruel and callous attitude.

Think about the slave trade in Africa that took place for hundreds of years or more before the white man ever arrived there. You have to have that kind of mindset of keeping another human being in a cage as a commodity, even a unit of trade, and the keepers are often sexually-trafficked type human beings themselves. They are completely desensitized and the more they are desensitized and callous, the better their chances for moving up.

So yes, the women here are no better than cargo being held in a vessel on their way to Kingdom Come. In fact, as I mentioned before, we even have relatives who maltreat my other relatives sort of like this. They view older relatives as past their prime and therefore the only time they communicate is when they want a favor. They stomp on poor relations and force them to work like indentured servants. Yet come Christmas or the holidays, they are the first to appear in all their finery and fake generosity.

This is exactly why so many people are no longer even planning to vote. I was figuring out whether if my older friend, if he were living today, who he would vote for. Recently I am convinced he would stay at home. Even my parent told me she did not even vote the last election. I am having a very hard time believing that any change can come from any politician be they red, blue, green, or independent. We are going to harvest the bad fruit from the rotten seed that we are allowing to flourish.

Even while attending the professional webinars that I am allowed to sign up for because of my advanced credentials, the staff here, and the doctor there, are totally oblivious. All they would rather see is a walking dead person, a zombie, so they can rush me to the Death Ward when no one is watching.

No wonder Catholicism is a dying religion.

Tuesday, July 18, 2023

Housing Project Ever-Repair A/C Service

Base of Air Conditioner lacks Evaporative Water Collection Pan

        Every year for the past five years during the summer the same thing happens at this community group home: the air conditioner (A/C) begins to leak water and there is water damage in various parts of the house, but especially downstairs in the dining room, sometimes for weeks at a time. 

        The staff coordinator calls the A/C service van and usually the repair person goes up to the floor above where the A/C closet is, and he does the same thing. He takes the dry-vaccuum and hoses the water out from the base of the air conditioner. As seen above the air conditioner does have evaporative coils and it causes moisture to collect, quite a bit of it evidently, and it is supposed to feed from the white PVC drain pipe to a vertical collection pipe into a system that drains out of the house.

        But as this resident has learned (from being curious over the years about the ever-leaking A/C and appreciating the inconvenience), the A/C should have a secondary collection system of some type as most do, with another evaporative collection pan at the base and including an overflow drain to the vertical drainage collection system. 

        Well it doesn't. As pictured above, when the bottom grate is removed it is just a padded insulated box that feeds directly into the rest of the duct system. But because of the inefficiency of the collection system directly below the evaporative coils in the A/C, there is so much water that the box bottom becomes saturated (although the insulation does have minimal waterproofing) and the overflow carries out into the duct systems towards various rooms. 

   Replaced the air filter, but the box bottom does not drain

            To add insult to injury the repair person retorted to this resident that she was not qualified to comment or make suggestions, since she was not a certified technician, as he stood there and did the usual thing: use the dry-vacuum to hose it out, sometimes for an hour at least. Little did he know that the resident had done the same thing the night before at least twice because of the rapidly filling pool. Neither he nor the staff recognized this resident's efforts of course. (They would rather consult their organizational attorney to find out how to keep the residents underinformed, keep them at bay, minimize their concerns, send them warning letters, or even try to evict them). 

        He asked and berated, "Do you have an Air-conditioner Certification? No! You don't! And anybody can post a video on YouTube! It's hardly credible! You don't know anything! That standing water is there for recirculation! Everything is supposed to go back to recirculation!"

        "So if everything is supposed to go back for recirculation, why are the ducts leaking and the ceiling of the dining room leaking?" the resident asked.

        The A/C ever-repair person fumed at me and looked like he was going to explode! Of course, such an obese heavy-set man might even have a heart-attack from such hard cross-questioning! 

        "You don't know anything! That water is meant to recirculate!"

        Okay, I think, sure we have atmospheric climate air recirculation. It's just all perfectly normal!

Usually this is just the start of the leak in the dining room

       So while this A/C guy is gaslighting me, assuring that I know absolutely nothing about his business, which is every year to come to suck dry the saturated base of the A/C a few times a month, and then the organization can send out its maintenance crew to patch up and repaint the ceiling, the staff are giving me the cold shoulder. It is because I wrote them an email sharing my concern that the box needs a metal collection pan and a drainage pipe to the vertical PVC collection pipe. It's a relatively simple fix, I assured them. So the next business morning (the leak began on the weekend), staff were in meeting all morning, and too busy to travel upstairs, and deliberately tried to brush off this resident repeatedly. They think it will legally embroil them if they visit the A/C closet with a resident!

        In fact any kind of collection system would do, even a PVC lined box with a horizontal drain pipe would do. Those evaporation coil pans at the base of almost every air conditioner and boiler have a function, which is to catch and drain emergency overflow, even if the thermostat malfunctions. 

This is the main weepage pipe from the evaporative coil inside the A/C

        Honestly, I don't expect that the staff in the house have anything civil to respond to me, but if anything, will do what they usually do, which is expect us to not talk, while they figuratively sweep the problem under the rug. Seriously, there was a kitchen graywater leak under the sink (kitchen drain) for over a year, and it had grown worse over that time period, when finally this resident took everything out from underneath the sink cabinet, placed water collection bins, and alerted the staff. It took a couple more months till it was finally fixed. In the meantime, this resident drained the bucket every day, up to several times a day. Some other residents helped, but prior to this, the area under the sink, the plywood undercabinet was left wet, moist, and rotting. (This resident would have addressed the matter sooner, but there were some very aggressive and abusive residents who would chase her out of the kitchen). (You would never believe that the staff also use this very same kitchen daily to fix their lunch!)

        This is why to staff's chagrin, the resident always addresses the email to the permanent supportive housing director as well. Since that director is on vacation, the staff don't need to direct their sincere civil attention to the problem until she returns, and hopefully decides that ever-repair is not the same as a full-solution. And of course maybe the staff are worried that it is this resident wanting to play drama-queen, or making it about personality-contest. Rest assured. There are other residents with renumerative starring roles here, calling 9-1-1 about imaginary invasions of the house. 

        No, this is about having a permanent source of mold spreading from the base of the A/C duct box to the rest of the duct system. Think Legionnaire's disease, for starters. Even the filter starts molding prematurely and that mold does spread easily through the duct system into every single room.

Musty moldy filter and dirty water collect directly underneath the A/C unit

          Again, this resident is reminded of the jeers of the A/C person or innuendos, "You are not paid to do anything here, I am! You have no authority here! We can't do anything without additional money!"

           Exactly! Jesus was not paid to do his type of ministry either, nor his apostles. We are not charging God for the air we breathe, the water we drink, even if the capitalists of the world are hoping to eventually make that chargeable monetarily as well. There is no renumeration for my volunteer work here or in the garden or anywhere this resident may be in sharing of free useful good information. 

        In the meantime, the resident wants to thank the new innovative systems in development around the world. While the urban AI version can feel invasive, the system of social-credit and points earned for volunteer work used by the People's Republic of China should be an option for poor people here in the United States. Think about coupons and how they are used for discounted groceries or dining out. Wouldn't that be nice to rack up some free points to use for travel or car rental?

            And insofar as being able to hold accountable, investigate, communicate, disclose, express, Google has also been extremely helpful. All these A/C experts sharing their expertise are not sharing in order to cheat home-owners or discourage them from taking care of their unit or disempowering them from developing DIY fixes for a leaky unit. In fact, on the contrary, they usually have so much business in the summer that they are hoping that customers can learn to pinpoint the problem better. Some of them are even sharing theory and not just practice, such as GrayFurnaceMan, HVAC School, and Skill Builder. Because of the CEUs this resident has to undertake for civil engineering recertification, she is always alert to these sorts of websites. And this is even before we dig into GoogleScholar or GoogleBooks and check out the free chapters on pro-environmental climate-protective presidential hopefuls. These are the types of publishers who have a noble-cast of character in this world, and who are not here on earth to merely manipulate people and things for their own materialist gain. 

        In the past, a long time ago, this resident had a best friend who took her on a journey to Portugual where we visited a great number of ancient churches. Once at dusk we came upon a service in process and my friend happened to glance up at the ceiling and noticed a crack in the vaulted ceiling. It was a spreading type of crack, but he wouldn't wait. Instead, he whisked us out of the church in a hurry. At the time, I sort of chuckled about the rush, but actually today, it is a sobering reminder of when one is in an endangered sect within the church. There is a church nearby and it would seem as if all Catholic churches are the same, however, this one is always under semi-renovation. It used to not be so, then it became so after the ascencion of a new vicar. The painting is never finished, the stations of the cross are alway partly covered, the statues are always being moved about, the talk is always of what else needs to be paid for, and once one thing is done, something else must be fixed. Most people do not attend church to be forced to notice such matters, but indeed it is the case here. That was this resident's impression, a church with a cracked ceiling, so to speak. And so there, the parishioners will be more worried about their pocketbook, a sermon about the distant past, a funneling to not ask pertinent questions about relevant matters, but to be willing to absorb as gospel truth the weight of the pastor's viewpoints. No wonder pride and arrogance is such a problem today, when people so hypocritically are encouraged to base their authority solely on materialism, title, and figurative glory. 

        Anyway, it does no good to raise the issue about the Ever-Repair A/C drainage problem, as the staff always presume that what they will do is invariably correct and does not need resident input. If we do provide input, there is likely to be no feedback, and if anything, even a backlash. And if they do not undertake that, they will even use residents to backlash at another resident. When the ceiling leaks and the A/C is not working, they do not even necessarily respond to anything at all that you say, depending on "how preoccupied they are" and especially if you are just Asian-American. So there is a very high bar being established and encouraged over anything this resident says or suggests, irregardless.

        But again, we have new role models, and while they look like happy stars in public, such as Kim Iversen, or Choeshow, or Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., we know that they still take guff from the worshippers of Baal and Moloch. Always notice how the security tries to hang in the vicinity so that the camera catches their leering gaze, the sneer on their face, the mockery in their treatment of political candidates. They even do that to politicians that anyone might vote for who are "in the mainstream." That is the contemporary attitude which we must deal with, and do so with grace, if at all possible----the soldiers of Empire at the base of the crucifix ready to take down your robe and divvy it up.

"This A/C unit has a special name called 'Bait Me'." The staff will not accompany the resident to look in the A/C closet but will sit in the office and wait for the A/C Ever-Repair to show up...

"Just sit back and wait and let them fix it," resident says...And this is the typical saga of much of public housing and why they eventually go under is how their staff people are paid to "just follow the rules." This is why some people believe that DHA is in cahoots with HUD to help run down the housing so more properties 'go to market.' Short-term gain is exactly all that some bureaucrats care about!

Friday, July 8, 2022

How Catholic Charities keeps people down

The way my friend tells it, they are a vicious bunch

    I am doing a friend a favor and posting her new blog,
The way she describes it, she began gardening about a year ago as a way to deal with a couple deaths at her permanent supportive housing which is run by Catholic Charities. The permission was given by a new senior program manager at her house, but that manager has since cooled down on the project. The reason is inexplicable. By all appearances the resident is a model resident---doing chores, paying rent on time, attending meetings, getting along with other residents. However she is not African-American, and that is seen as a big negative by the social dominancy of that minority. Even as a minority, it cannot matter unless it is the right kind of minority.
    Complaints against the staff go unheard or are addressed in the most superficial manner possible. Even the priests, located nearby at the church, frown at any residents because they are all stereotyped in the most negative possible light: poor shiftless disabled minority women who are just a burden on society. They cannot see that Jesus was poor or his disciples were wandering preachers. They forget the history of the Sisters of Poverty. In the age of Trump, anyone who is not monied or propertied is just a pariah. They should tear down all the artwork in Rome, half of which were merely the products of poor Italian artists and sculpturers who survived on the beneficence of nobles willing to house and feed them.
    The staff are no longer even willing to listen to my friend's comments or take questions. As soon as the program manager was assured that her job was secure, thanks to the departure of the social worker, her attitude towards clients changed overnight. Suddenly a sort of long dormant angry race-fixated personna emerged---even her hair style changed, reminding one of the early days of Angela Davis. When she first was hired, her demure was such that she had her hair straightened and tied in a pony tail, and wore nurse-assistant uniforms. Now she wears the standard DC office bureaucrat attire. In fact, according to my friend, she worked in DC government for almost two decades, enough to retire on comfortably, and yet, here she is at Catholic Charities, such a wonderful second job. 
    There is a suspicion that some second careerists might be plumbing the lists of older housing for DC Housing Authority to speculate on, or that her relative who works at the Community Partnership and is a realtor, needs more listings. Who knows? Any questions about her background or interests also go unanswered: it's none of the residents' business. Since they are just on charity, they should count themselves lucky to not actually be slaves. 
    Reading back in history, in fact, slavery in all its worst forms was long practiced in Africa, and often any captives, poor people, people in debt, women sold or traded, were kept in cages and merchants even counted merchandise using slave-units. Captives could be used for slave labor, for servants if they were lucky, or fattened and kept till ripe for cannibalism rituals. As these practices continue today even in the Congo, it should not be surprising that these kinds of attitudes on second or third-class people have persisted, and that the main perspective of the staff is that the residents in their rooms are viewed as prisoners, and they as the guards.
    As a prison-warden, the staff is doing well. My friend has done most of the work on the herb and vegetable garden herself, but the staff are taking full credit for their career portfolios. The staff did clean out a portion of the storage shed which can be used for tool storage, and they did sort of clean up the patio. But my friend does this every other day---tidy up the patio. As for the labor, the actual physical labor of watering, weeding, taking care of, planting, transplanting, feeding the birds, and so on, my friend does this all by herself, every day. 
   To alleviate some pain and misery with regard to the cruelty of the new program manager who has become extremely icy, based on trying to frame the resident as a race-ist, but not succeeding yet, and therefore persistently using many different styles of baiting, including sending the program coordinator (fancy name for bookkeeper) up the stairs every day to knock on doors to check if all the residents are "still alive"...The reality is that the PC only really knocks on my friend's door mostly every single day at least once. So if the resident didn't answer, the PC actually puts her key in the door and tries to go inside the room! Fortunately my friend invented a "doorsock" to secure her doorknob, and the PC doesn't like to be seen struggling with a doorknob sock in the middle of the hallway---yet. This PC (and the other social worker) have been accused time and again of breaking into residents rooms in order to snoop around. And yet Catholic Charities just keeps them around. The social worker may have left on her own accord, but several residents accused her of breaking into a resident's room after that resident was found dead in her room. Even my friend is worried about what this PC means to do in her room. Is she interested in proving herself as a empowered administrator? Is she trying to find out about bank accounts? Is document forgery in the picture? Are there more sinister intentions, such as food poisoning?
    The strangest part about Catholic Charities is that many of their staff are just incredibly thick when it comes to career entitlement. They may not have even graduated from college, but once they put on the badge, Catholic Charities offers them many free training programs, and so they acrue many training certificates, which of course make them feel empowered. Plus there is a certain culture of entitlement as well. In an era where many are working from home, factories are downsizing, many accounting offices have gone part-time seasonal, these paraprofessionals are still walking about like it's the 1970s Archie Bunker union worker mindset, except that they are people of color, and feel extra entitled from all the slave reparations owed to them from nonblacks, whether or not those nonblacks' parents were here during the Civil War. It's a very thick mentality, but extremely prevalent on the East Coast. 
    So the staff are fully part-and-parcel to this worldview, and they encourage the black residents to wax their privilege against the nonblacks. Never mind that the residents sign an anti-bully form, never mind that there are ways to complain, never mind that some of those residents have problems stemming from drug abuse, criminal history, instability---and in fact may even still have those sorts of gang affiliations---the fact is that they are privileged because they are black, and the staff almost all the way up the food chain will basically almost do the opposite of all the rules they are supposed to support or promote for the clients protection. This is just the opinion of my friend, but I am here to protect her 1st amendment rights.
    Her opinion is that when the staff hold meetings, what they call talking about the clients becomes a source for basically gossiping and intriguing new ways to torment certain people. The new rule on knocking on every resident's door every day to see if "they are still alive" seemed to be a good safety check, but it is in reality only done to residents who the staff want to take extra steps to try and bully and intimidate. When my friend pointed out that the staff mainly only knocks on her door while ignoring most of the others, the PC tartly says "well, I already know they are here!" So somehow, even when the PC mostly works behind a closed office door, she can know those residents are present and alive, but not sure about my friend?
    Another example is how my friend started this garden and went so far as to write a small grant proposal. Well, the director did thank her for the work, but she did not actually thank her for writing it, rather, she thanked her for "reading" it. Great difference between reading vs writing a proposal. Same with the blog, I will bet. That is why my friend is sharing it with me. It's a simple enough looking Victory Garden blog, but apparently she feels anxious that the staff might just plagiarize the whole thing and claim they wrote or directed the writing. It shouldn't be a big deal whatever they say, but in an era of no-work and no-pay, my friend does not want to feel both slighted and cheated, both harassed and exploited, and to have words or facts put down that do not in fact match the reality. I guess that is her way of looking at it. 
    So here is another photo she has to share from said blog of another client---her foot. Yes, AM can definitely put her foot on it that she also contributed many valuable ideas, but yes, she is sort of being razzled a lot too, although it appears a lot more subtle in her case. 

Monday, June 20, 2022

D.C. Captured by Development Interests: Why Voting is a Waste of Time

Mayoral Candidate DC Councilman Robert White speaking at Tenant Advocacy Day

 (April 24, 2019)


Why No One Wants to Vote in DC: It really doesn't matter

During the primary, early elections are being held at various locations in District of Columbia, including in the extensively renovated Martin Luther King Public Library.

This voter showed up early and amid all the paperwork for changing party, it still went mostly smoothly. The reason for the snag is that I was told I could not vote in the primary outside my official party declaration. So as an Independent, I cannot vote for any Democrat or Republican candidate. Another snag is the voting bulletin itself. Strangely the voting bulletin provides no information on candidates or candidate statements. Instead the District of Columbia 2022 Voter Guide pages 10-47 contain "sample ballots that will be used in the June 21, 2022 Primary Elections organized by party and ward."

In other words, it is filled with fluff. To its credit, the Board of Elections did provide ballots in Spanish for residents who cannot read English. The back of the ballot is published also, which hardly means anything to most voters. It lists the candidates running for local party offices of their Democratic/Republican State Committee.

But without any information in the printed Voter Guide about the council candidates running, this voter wasted a lot of time thumbing through her smartphone finding out about them from their webpages! Of course a webpage is not much to go on for finding out about the candidate or how they voted. Better information could be found if one attended an ANC meeting regularly, or attended a DC Council meeting, or reviewed the council notes.

However everyone realizes that the DC Council is in the pocket of developers by now. Even favorite councilman Robert White admitted that the pay-to-play system has worked in DC's favor as the developers do contribute to gentrified area improvements: utility upgrades, pedestrian walkways, beautification projects, bike paths, open areas, and so on. In fact, the MLK Library renovation is a grand testimony of such improvement.

However it is like Street Sense Media reporter Reginald Black once described, that these community partnerships are a bane in terms of what locals envision as real improvement---housing for the unhoused and jobs for the chronically underemployed. That is to say, private-public partnerships have a parasitical existence heavily reliant upon huge take-offs of the grants doled out in their favor. For instance, an advocacy organization with four staff will require a yearly payload in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, then add in the costs for production, bidding, and execution, and no wonder gentrification projects are often time-consuming.  

Just read about the years of haggling that went into the decision-making for the City Center redevelopment project, NoMa (North of Massachusetts Avenue), and a host of other projects listed by or at According to Wikipedia "CityCenterDC," the project planning began in 1982 connected with the Washington Convention Center site redevelopment. Plans were batted around for decades before the city settled for luxury condominium, hotels, and retail space complex. It gives a glimpse of the backdrop which the public is scarcely aware of, aside from the fancy Tesla car showroom.

Each neighborhood of the Washington, DC metro region, as far away as at Branch Avenue, Suitland, Maryland, developers and planners have backburner plans on how to revitalize the corridor using gentrification models such as improving transportation hubs, taking advantage of area attractions (such as museums, plazas, library) and the "hot housing market" to up the ante. This would include acquisition and redevelopment based upon undervalued buildings, with Council representatives, such as the former Councilman Jack Evans involved with the West End redevelopment scheme (later exposed at City Paper and/or District Dig).

Again, the West End Library has become a mecca for area residents and the homeless population to while away the hours sitting quietly or surfing the internet; nevertheless, with each such development, the pay-to-play lobby ensures that officially very low-income remain excluded from the "affordable housing" units in these luxury apartment buildings. Everyone knows this, and no one better than the City Council, the ANC representatives, the DC Housing Authority spokespeople, and so on----because it's the local government's biggest business!

To their credit, despite the Covid-19 disaster, Mayor Bowser has given generously to the needy in the form of emergency housing, even paying for three area hotels worth of housing for the aging and homeless during the crisis. With these come free meals, cleaning services, and readier access to social workers, medical clinic outreach and placement services. It has helped thousands of people off the homeless lists over the past eight years. The outreach workers are often sincere because many are volunteering for the detail, going out in the field, performing additional work outside their normal hours. In this way, in general, the entire Council is on board with at least trying to appear to support public welfare.

Yet the notion that some are in it to help themselves is why it should matter----holding officials responsible. A glance at District Dig will reveal that there are plenty of scandals to address---even if maybe they are only the tip of the iceberg! More importantly, is the normalization of the public perception that public welfare recipients are chattel, and that the Mayor can rule with an iron-fist, or adopt authoritarian poses in her last years in office. (It is uncertain whether she will demand a fourth term). Already, the message of the Democrats towards the poor is increasingly a "take it or leave it" attitude, and this would even include those stuck living in a tent on the street----that they had better vote for the incumbents and not complain!

This sense of virtue-signaling and political entitlement is rife in many ways in DC. Since this weekend is Juneteenth, I realize I even have a small penance. Non-blacks or Asians become frustrated and angry with the "home-grown" attitude of many DC blacks---it's almost a given sometimes. Yet, looking at the hidden hand behind the City Council, who are these Councilpersons beholden to? The development interests who are the creme de la creme of "white" local natives---and not infrequently of Jewish persuasion, who wield an inordinate power in the press, even right down to Street Sense Media, which spokes now include partnerships with PatchDC, DCLine, District Dig, City Paper, and grand-daddy Washington Post.

Why? Why is a small community citizen watchdog paper unwilling to allow it's black vendors a leeway in writing their own articles, or in openly trying to censor them? Why do they consistently privilege a coterie of "competitively-granted interns" who have not even graduated from college? Only a handful of writers are exhibited, and the same cliquishness is evident in many remaining newspapers. They simply cannot admit how free-market democracy is failing the poor; they must contrive to uphold an idealistic architecture of pedigree over the poor, unwashed masses. This kind of bipolar patronizing philosophy is thriving now in almost every nonprofit organization serving the poor in DC.

The philosophy is that once you are on the receiving end, you no longer deserve to be the master of your own person. You have become possibly a useful tool, useful prop, but otherwise, easily thrown aside. There are often employees, who may even be paid foreign operatives, working to ensure that a rigid careerist mindset predominates in the company culture that dwarfs or eclipses the altruism of trying to put the needs of the clients first. The same operatives were or remain in place due to Covid, who encouraged hospital administrators to adopt emergency measures that benefited the hospital's profit motive, first and foremost, no matter how many patients die.

That is why, even if it seems like an empty gesture, and the pollworkers may be laughing at how long it took me to decide who to vote for, it is still important to try and vote. Of course, now I know I have a lot more to do besides voting. I cannot go back to street vendoring for Street Sense Media----the black and white dynamics were like a chasm---broad and painful. But I am thinking about that vendor in my dream trying to sell me a subscription, about Mitch Snyder, who gave his life to the CCNV---and may have been the victim of foul play.

About Reeves Center, and the miserable coming teardown it will have to endure, just like Walter Reed Hospital Center did, for the sake of more ticky-tack luxury playtowers. 
Photo by author, Coalition for Non-Profit Housing & Economic Development Event in Washington, D.C. 

Tuesday, February 22, 2022

Fighting the Karma for #FreedomConvoy and #ConvoytoDC


Fighting the Karma for #FreedomConvoy and #ConvoytoDC

There is every evidence of a united world order being used to not only wage war against humanity but also to stifle the views and credibility of the protesters amassing worldwide against Covid Vaccine mandates. The mandate requirements have become as stringent as the authorities allow themselves; the uniformity globally is such that it cannot have been but foreplanned. In various nations, those who are not sufficiently Covid-19 vaccinated must remain in lockdown. Some are arrested, their goods confiscated, shops robbed, and every indication is that the authorities are backed by totalitarian-minded others, who will continue to take it as far as they can go, including issuing death threats.

What is at the heart of all these mandates? By now, anyone doing a bit of independent investigation will uncover that these Covid vaccines are creating much higher numbers in vaccine related injuries and deaths than any of the more thoroughly tested vaccines approved in the past. People can uncover the obscene relationships between the FDA and Big Pharma, as a recent Project Veritas investigation revealed. But is there more to the quest for hoarding profits and taking over the hospital system than just issuing Covid mandates?

What if the hidden agenda really is a eugenics program to rid the planet of the disabled, and to euthanize anyone whose social credit score is too low? Already there are reports that some officials, such as Dr. Zeke Emanuel or Dr. Yuval Noah Harari, believe that we can get rid of the undesirables but replace them with "hackable" humans. The ultimate aim is to rid the planet of its excess populations, according to the Georgia Guidestones, a set of ten guidelines for a utopian society. The problem on utopian societies is not the aims themselves but what totalitarian measures are put into place to achieve them.

Must we murder 7.5 billion people to maintain a select 500 million humans? How will we pare the populations without harming the ecosystem? What new "living universal language" are they talking about? Do we force people to take medications to achieve a universal tempered reasoning? What exactly will be a balance in personal rights and social duties? How many will the authorities falsely charge, kill, and maim in the process, or rob of their livelihoods and sources of income in order to achieve such a status quo?

These sorts of questions cannot be answered when blunt instruments are used to achieve ends while violating human free will, nullifying religion, or ignoring ethics. Another problem with the New World Order is corporations can presumably rewrite the laws or add clauses to annul or countermand the original purposes of Constitution, and the Bill of Rights. Many of the #FreedomConvoy type of independence-loving, libertarian-leaning voters are particularly suspicious over how much power specific UN related bodies now have for controlling global resources. As a think-tank, the World Economic Forum holds tremendous sway over the global direction taken by world leaders and corporations.


What is at the heart of its goals whether through the Global Health Initiative or World Health Organization? The fact that these approaches appear to supercede national decision-making indicates something quite sinister is happening or has taken hold. Citizen-journalists note that once the Canadian Prime Minister declared Emergency Powers by invoking the Emergencies Act, the United Nations flew two planes to North Bay, Ontario. Last week, huge numbers of police were bussed into Ottowa, and they amassed in large numbers at other demonstrations, even though the protests are peaceful, and there has been no violence or threats of violence by the truckers. In Australia, there are even reports of police using military-grade weapons, such as ADS and LRAD to confuse the crowd, and cause symptoms such as headache, nausea, blisters, and skin burns. In the United States, protesters have experienced their smartphones freezing when police use Stingray technology to surveil and gather data.

Over the week, the Prime Minister Trudeau justified his measures strengthening his rhetoric with threats to close down bank accounts, arrest uncooperative tow-truck drivers, and withhold insurance to truckers. As he made good on these threats, many truckers had no choice but to leave. Police were also breaking into trucks, smashing windows, stealing supplies, and harassing shops owners. They picked off the crowd, issuing tickets and installing barricades. Even people who made donations to truckers were under threat of bank account closures. This was in addition to the forfeiture of funds shut down by the GoFundMe fundraiser, and a hacking into the GoSendMe #FreedomConvoy's account.

While truckers are uncertain as to the outcome of their leaders, who promised to help any trucker in need, one thing is for certain. The police are aided and abetted in their brutality by an Orwellian government. There are some openly wondering if this had been an LGBTQ protest or demonstration, wouldn't the Prime Minister had enthusiastically come out, and lead the charge, as he has in past parades, dressed in a pink oxford shirt? But instead, because the leaders are merely from white-middle-class Christian families, there appeared to be no such luck, even when millions had come out in the dead of winter, holding signs, standing in the freezing snow, and holding rallies, such as in Ottowa for days on end.

Now that Ottowa is becoming a new dead zone near the Parliament, reminding one of the dead zone in the blocks surrounding the White House, nothing remains but the spectre of the police. The police are threatening any cafe owners who allow truckers or visitors inside from out of town. Anyone within the red zone must be ready to show an I.D. or face arrest. Police disrupted the live-feed of a female blogger by knocking down her phone. There is no doubt that the trucker movement does have a gender-and-minority gap issue in media representation, but it is worse when the police openly brutalize or harass those in the minority. For instance, police used horses to stampede the crowd, and among the ones they deliberately trampled was a disabled older aboriginal woman on her walker. Police also struck Rebel News reporter Alexa Lavoie with batons and shot her leg with a rubber bullet.

The Covid-19 death protocols are seemingly prioritizing the euthanasia of older people, children with Down Syndrome, people with medical conditions, and minority toddlers. It would seem from the photos of many suffering severe effects or death that these were often some of the kindest, gentlest, most enlightened of beings.


Unprecedented deaths from vaccine-related adverse events (HealthImpactNews)Unprecedented deaths from vaccine adverse events (HealthImpactNews) 

So this is why there is a tenuous connection between the Davos-Bilderberg-WEF-World Bank-transnational billionaire elite and their agenda in connection to the Georgia Guidestones. They are empowered to bake their cake and eat it too, because many are also members of other secret fraternal societies. Some posit that there is a Council of Foreign Relations connection, however, where a cabal might be concerned, would that not be included within the codes of freemasonry? And this is where the germ of the karma is sourced.

In fact, has an exclusive video upload by former rockstar and freemason member Altiyan Childs. In "Insider exposes freemasonry as the world's oldest secret religion" documentary, details abound on who is either a freemason or member of another similar secret society. Key indicators are their weird handshakes, signifying poses, occult worship, animalism, use of gematria, and phallus worship. However if these signs of hedonistic indulgence were just that, it would be one thing. In fact, there are testimonies of satanic ritual abuse by child-victims, former members, observers, and committed by members of presumably reputable citizens. This is what spurred Childs to make the video: he claims that freemasonry has made inroads among the top leadership in military brass, in transnational corporations, in legislatures around the world, in banking, among the United Nations (and the UN spokesperson for the Secretary General is of Rothschild-descent), in academia, and now increasingly, what is rapidly becoming the medical industrial complex.

It is not their mere membership which is so scary, although the membership in a sinister organization where the rules center around the top whose god is Lucifer is indeed creepy. It is the fact that they swear by the binding masonic oath---an oath trivializing the court bible---to do what is commanded so they may advance. And with each step, increasingly bizarre, soul-killing, bloody rituals are enacted, however symbolic. Childs is honest in his assessment that these freemasonry or kabbalists have a dedicated goal to overtake the leadership throughout the world, but they had probably not permeated thoroughly enough yet in cultures where there is still massive common sense, and culturally lofty goals nurtured by millenia of healthy spiritual practices. Naturally the Luciferians will not rest until the whole world becomes the heart of darkness.

Of course, the permeation and perversion now is everywhere, thanks to Covid-19 pandemic and the mass-formation that has turned brother against sister, wife against husband, children against parents, and resulted in havoc from bullies who use all kinds of scare tactics with impunity. What VaccineImpact and others conclude is that, more than anything, this is a time of spiritual warfare. The satanists would love to rid the world of anyone who is dedicated to good in a genuine way. We cannot count on the freemasons who have embedded themselves within the Catholic Church, such as the Pope. We must be able to identify them and steer clear. Even in attending mass, one can identify those there merely to exert their authority of rigamarole. One fellow does nothing except sit in front and wave his hand, imagining he is conducting the choir behind him. Others invent and exert some kind of staid social order to dictate to those beneath them. All these sort of hypocrites do not exude the kind of enduring love and fellowship which was a hallmark in early Christian society. They have their counterparts now in every Christian church or temple, and this situation is becoming evermore saturnalian. Even those who appear to be New Christian musicians are merely serving as Hollywood gate-keepers. One group at Hume Lake Christian camp obviously had staff embedded with some pedophiliac leanings, and chatting to teens about how they would party at night and listen to Beyonce.


Smithsonian's Hirshhorn Outdoor Sculpture pimps for the pedophiles (National Mall in Washington, D.C.)

Traffickers view grooming as a long time opportunity to entrap youth in slavery. Observe the crowd carefully in at the National Mall and one can identify who/what are there to spy on young families, spot potential weakness in the family unit, and identify programable children. Typically there are swishy male procurers, even cops and secret service personnel, who generally have no business hanging about the park or museum, but are always busily looking about. They are there to secretly stalk families, and follow them about in museum, park, church, school, hospital, etc. The masonic influence is so open that they have erected the most grotesque sculpture in front of the Hirshhorn Museum, a demon-statue with its genitalia painted in bright fruity colors. This is the city where Pizzagate remains an officially denied news story, even when common sense informs one that there is something very strange with Comet Ping Pong, or for that matter, Wayfair home-furnishings. Whether it is phantasmagorical-theme offerings of child-sex-food, $10,000 pillows named after missing children, or spirit-cooking play-cannibalism parties, it is nth-degree spiritually ill, perverse, and any parent ought to be highly suspicious and keep a sharp eye about in DC.

Clearly what is happening now is practically a global phenomena of social disorder beginning with attempting to corrupt the children from the very tender age of 3-4 years old, in pre-K, with scenes and fantasies of cohabitation, of experimentation, and of transgenderism. Children who are not even old enough to tie their shoe-laces are being programmed and tracked by enablers of satanic sex cults whether in school, afterschool, or as approved nannies. Unheard of and difficult to imagine, this is done in order to weaken their ability to think independently, altruistically, and castrate their capacity to ward off temptation. The educational curricula are designed by administrators most likely moved into place due to their masonic connections. Some occupy top cabinet and administrative positions, such as recently President Biden appointed Sam Brinton (aka Sister Ray Dee O'Active), a known kink-activist-transvestite to the DOE Office of Nuclear Energy - Spent Fuel and Waste Disposition. In libraries throughout America, transvestite clowns are even invited to public library playtime with young children.

These are not jokes on the public; there are consequences. They are attacks against the People who vote leaders into office and who pay taxes to ensure that our government is well-administered. Today, too many decisions appear to be made ad-hoc, sub-rosa, lame-duck, bypassing public review, and following a NWO agenda agreed to overseas.  

The solution, besides what #FreedomConvoy is attempting and what #ConvoytoDC may hope to achieve beginning February 23, 2022, is to continue to begin and end each day with serious prayer time and spiritual reflection. We must remain calm, prepare to fight back but do no harm, avoid toxic conversation, and keep the peace. We must continue to hope that in the end, the true God will win, and he will help destroy the false Tower of Babel that the twisted arrogant technocrats believe will help them conquer the heavens.


Saturday, January 15, 2022

Vaccine Authoritarianism: What would Jesus Do?

Jesus would not comply: here's the evidence


Jesus blesses the poor, the innocent, the peacemakers, and the persecuted (Illustration from

If a Jesus were alive today, he would not comply with the vaccine mandates. I don't believe Jesus and his disciples would support vaccine authoritarianism or medical martial law because they lived beyond fear-mongering. Whether an individual complies or not, because s/he is on Earth to hopefully model and spread the Good News.

In my reasoning, I am not following the current "science" of amassing and analyzing reams of digital data which themselves are easily manipulated. Witness the mass of unrelated deaths recorded as such. Or the fact that algorithms falsely tag data to establish a commercial media hierarchy in search engine optimization. Science has become what they want to see or expect we should, rather than what is true, tried, and tested. Empirical scientific evidence, such as natural immunity, no longer even matters!

All that matters is following orders for its own sake, so that the quisling in charge can be promoted.

It follows being an expert in theology may not pertain much here nor should quoting exactly from this particular Bible. Anyone who grew up attending church regularly in any way recalls many of these biblical stories from the New Testament. But they can be drawn from the Old Testament as well.  

Do you think Elijah would have complied? Probably not, judging from his courageous and determined war against Baal (as beautifully described by Andre Moubarak in day 7 - Mount Carmel -- Elijah Conquest -- Baal vs Yahweh)

The miracles that Jesus performed were not merely gratuitous. His miracles of compassion were performed out in the open, in homes, in gathering places, even on boats. There were no pre-conditions for those present. Anyone was free to listen whether young, old, rich, poor, whatever their health status. His disciples were not screening people for diseases.

Jesus vetted his disciples when they joined his ministry for their ability to become faithful to his teachings, their receptiveness, and future potential to translate and spread the Word. Those were the only major criteria at the time. Women numbered among the early Christians as indispensable as well. They were, to be honest, a motley crew just like Buddhist monks, for they relied upon the generosity of the fellowship. It was a time when there was no fear among themselves, only trust, unconditional love, and the ability to reflect. 

Today the elite only want to spread fear, distrust, and a new world order.

"Now the disciples crossed to the other side and forgot to take bread along. Jesus said to them: 'Keep your eyes open and watch out for the leaven of the Pharisees and Sadducees.'" (Matthew, 16:5-6)

Now we can view the false bread, the bread that will supposedly free us of all ills, as these experimental vaccines. Massive data collection, vaccine passports involving monitoring, testing, and boosters are part of global surveillance capitalism---and the attempt to subjugate humanity under the rule of artificial intelligence---the new false gods of Baal and Moloch.

This is contrary to the inclusiveness of Jesus's teaching in which there are only the messages of love and hope and peace. An example was his curing of the ten lepers, which would occur when they showed themselves to the priest (Luke 17:11). All ten were cured on the way, whether or not they recognized Jesus as the Son of God. Jesus respected the temple for containing the law, but he worked outside prescriptive laws. The pharisees, those in control of the temple, viewed Jesus as an anachronism, a rebel, a nonconformist.

Today, many religious institutions kowtow to various authorities, politicians, and pecuniary interests. They are confined by dogma and merely implement the law.

Jesus cured so many different people, whatever their condition, background, and conviction. He did this as part of his ministry and teaching, but made it clear that it was done to exemplify God's spirit, and certainly not for "beer and bread, a comfortable lodge," as his forty days in the desert demonstrated. (Mark, 1:12-13)

"And a scribe came up and said to him: 'Teacher I will follow you wherever you go.' But Jesus said to him: 'Foxes have dens and birds of heaven have nests, but the Son of man has nowhere to lay his head.'" (Matthew, 8:19-20)

Jesus was an iconoclastic figure, not an institutionalized careerist. He viewed the number of conversions as his wealth, even entrusting his silver with an embezzler, Judas.

Ultimately the pharisees and city officials wanted to do away with him because they did not want a Christian faith, were not ready for it. It was these false teachers who determined who entered the kingdom of heaven, who would be admitted into the sepulcher.

"Be on your guard against men, for they will hand you over to local courts and they will scourge you in their synagogues. And you will be brought to governors and kings for my sake, for a witness to them and the nations." (Matthew, 10:17-18)

The Sadducees and pharisees and scribes attended these meetings and used their powers to observe him closely for abrogations of custom. Obviously they found many from Jesus, who was merely baptized by John, not authorized as a chief priest. The idiosyncracies were numerous. Jesus cured on the Sabbath, the disciples plucked grains from the field to eat, they did not obey the protocols on cleanliness. Jesus did not reject any sinners and criminals mixed in with the listeners. The scribes sought to entrap him with trick questions, but over and over again, his forthright answers and parables left them speechless and perplexed.  

If anyone doubts we are not living in the final days, those doubts can be settled: it is right now. We are seeing like never before, a global-elitist body planning and legislating policy to be implemented by all nations. No review or approval, just executive orders. The rank-and-file officials and quislings blindly obey. Liberalism has reduced itself to skin color and gender. Social justice has transformed itself into a false-messiah basking in the glow of manichaeism, the conflict of dark versus light, in exchange for name, fame, and gain.

Terrifyingly simplistic whoever the acclaimed authority, many new policies are inimical to the Gospel and to the foundations of civilization. They include encouraging euthanasia, police tribunals, military juntas, and corporate theft. On the chopping block are the elimination of public common-sense, and replacing it with mass formation psychosis. Draconian measures will be used on those who do not obey. Mass propaganda is increasing to ensure the population becomes programmable. Non-profit boards ensure that only a narrow spectrum of concerns are addressed. Experts are burdened with proofs of massive data analysis. Scholars are laden with demonstrating technical glitz rather than broadening their life understanding. BLM or social justice watchdogs attend local celebrations to play the judge on correctness or file lawsuits. Pedophilia is slowly becoming legalized. Children are being exposed to spectres of sex, transgenderism, and pornography at increasingly young ages to rob them of innocence. Human trafficking and exploitation of the vulnerable go unpunished.

Everywhere mixed messages abound and are multiplying, while the rules change daily.

But Jesus would not sit idly by and neither would his disciples, nor prophets before him.

"He continued teaching daily in the temple. But the chief priests and the scribes and the principle ones of the people were seeking to kill him; but they did not find any way to do this, for the people one and all kept hanging on to him to hear him." (Luke, 19:48-48)

Socialized crimes are being committed daily against humanity which are not being broadcasted. Community activism and empathy are dying. True critical and independent thinking is held up for mockery. Good religions are being attacked or defunded. All of this is pretty much in line with The Fourth Industrial Revolution vision of Klaus Schwab, who doesn't believe that humans should be human anymore. (Read "Klaus Schwab and his Great Fascist Reset -- An Overview" by Winter Oak at the Wrong Kind of Green, October 5, 2020). Of course, independents, progressives, and conservatives are fighting back, because this is not a red-blue issue. It's about biological freedom. Recently Rep. Thomas Massie, a Kentucky Republican, announced that his office will not adhere to the Washington, D.C. vaccination mandate, according to the Washington Examiner ("Shame has befallen our nation's capital," Jan 14, 2022). 

Have you been persecuted by family and friends over your vaccine resistance or questioning of mandates? Have they shut you down, turned you out of the house, or threatened you? I don't believe that is how Jesus and his disciples would handle things or speak to others. Whether you comply or not should be your choice, because we are on Earth to model and spread the Good News.

Spread the word and plan on attending the #Defeatthemandatesdc march on January 23rd. Visit to learn more.