Sunday, March 7, 2021

Making Peace with God-Universe-Nature

Is this really the best we can do?

Making Peace with God Starts with Me

     After the death of S.T. here in our permanent supportive housing, I was seriously hoping for social justice. Afterall, had we not had a whole summer of raging social justice madness? BLM activists outside marching, holding rallies, screaming at police, and fully expecting the police to disband. The lesson was to "make noise so you will be heard." 
    We want justice because someone is mistreated, abused, treated with contempt, and in the age of Covid, it has nothing to do with race. The victim can be anyone targeted by someone else who feels they are vulnerable. Sometimes the bully is obvious---you can see the hate in their eyes, the contempt in their words, the perverseness that characterizes abuse of power.
    In America, we are taught that marching and demonstrating is how social justice looks, even when all and said and done, I am reminded of the movie, "Animal Farm," an adaptation based on the book Animal Farm by George Orwell. Mr. Harkness showed us this movie at least three times in our English class, and if there was at least one memorable scene, it was the ending: The board may change, but it will be just a new set of pigs!  
   And that is really how justice per identity politics tend to play out in the United States because of the entrenched market and industrial capitalism under which there are only so many available paths up to the middle class and much fewer decent government jobs today. And the worst part, is just like in Animal Farm, the troublemakers can move up to the top at the cost of the decent and most loyal employees. 
    That happens so much today that it is almost routine. There are people who are hired at the health club who once they are hired, totally believe they are there to just sit. When they open their mouths, it is to discuss capitalism from a personal perspective. If there is a piece of broken equipment and it is reported as injurious, the information is ignored, or a pretense is made to do something about it, but nothing is done. 
    This kind of lackadaisical attitude has become commonplace and it is a contributing factor in why some businesses have not survived Covid. When they close, of course it is saddening, and we all feel bad for those workers, yet one cannot help wondering if they have any real remorse for how badly they treated some of their customers. Is the solution for changing people's hearts and minds really going to come through firing them?  
      That's the question about which I have struggled over the past month in mourning for my neighbor over her death, which I fully believe was preventable. She was marginally mobile, yet staff required her to move to the second floor. She could barely climb the stairs, yet the staff assigned her several two-week rounds of hauling out the kitchen garbage. She had memory problems, yet the staff reassured us that she was "independent and tough." They trivialized her safety concerns even after her room had been broken into, and never bothered replacing the door knob. What was infuriorating was she could be their grandma too, afterall, she was black, the staff are black. But presumably, she is poor, elderly, and no one to pay attention too, so the staff took full advantage...
    In contrast, her next door neighbor is also elderly but white, and always full of rage at the unfairness from just about all parties here. She has pursued restraining orders, legal paths, orders in writing, and staff meetings to ensure that she receives full decent treatment even though she is also so poor that she once lived in a tent near the White House. The staff are accommodating because they are afraid of her, presumably, but it does nothing to alleviate their bestial attitude towards anyone else here they can take advantage of! 
    And that is also the sore face of social justice in our society. One party wins a $25 million dollar settlement lawsuit from Monsanto over glyphosate (Roundup) but what about the countless numbers of other colon cancer victims? What about my friend who developed colon cancer from enjoying killing all the dandelion weeds on his farm? What about other people like me who were exposed to alot of that weed killer? 

    Human justice is blind, for sure. We can't sit around and wait for justice to come around, for that person to transfer or be let go, for this person to move away, or for those people to change. I have had countless internal discussions over how to communicate with the social worker after ST, because days before her death, I wrangled with her over the need to look after her better. It's in my notes, but not hers, since she pretends the meeting did not take place, how many times I mentioned ST in our meeting, and each time, being pretty much brushed off. Each concern was met with a counterargument and dismissal as if it were trite. Again, because I am a charity recipient being able to live here, nothing I say has any kind of validity. Any good idea that is worthwhile is freely appropriated with no credit assigned. 

    Even students have more value than older adults according to the capitalist industrial system because they encourage consumer spending, and are the future of America. Whereas under the simplistic mindset, older adults have no value; their consumer spending is merely habitual; and their needs are subsumed under the market value of the rich and famous. And since all colors in America pretty much abide by this jingoism, all ills must be spent away.

    We addressed the social-justice issue for ST in various ways that are legitimate and within my rights, such as talking with the investigative officers, communicating with supervisors, discussing the matter with friends and relatives, and writing it out. Even now there is a dread that this SW had become quite bullish in her self-righteousness by virtue of authority and status over the residents. She knows which of us believe the staff wronged ST, and she is brow-beating those residents. Her one virtue is that she can talk herself silly, and so it is easy to allow her to go on under the belief that we are listening...but she never counsels us without asserting insistently that her opinions are the most important. 

    And this is why after the social-justice hunting, the discussions, the explorations about the psychology of the dark-triad (narcissism/divisiveness/psychopathy), and religious ruminations, we were still searching for peace. She can lecture us about the stages of grief in a sort of parochial manner, and counter that "She was going to die anyway" but it does not prevent the thought: "She would be alive today, only one year after she moved in, if you hadn't moved her. You are unfair allowing that white woman to move downstairs after only one meeting. It takes the rest of us 3-4 requests and weeks of deliberation to change rooms!"

    That kind of argument is only met with obstinance, a staunch counter-argument, a blatant denial of the facts, and so on...there are professionals who are black who are like Trump but don't even know it! And there is no argument wanting to be created so the case must rest. Please, go on with your wonderful job working in the tunnel, nothing to see here! 

    Okay, none of that is going to work. We can also project our anger onto the Church or charity administration. All kinds of far-flung accusations and lawsuits are lined up, and the internet is a happy hunting grounds for conspiracies---at least some of which are part true. But this again takes us nowhere. Anger, as we recently witnessed, tends to need an outlet to further legitimize itself. It will use anything for fuel and to rationalize the destruction. Arguably, Americans have become experts at internalizing the need for wars abroad...

    Of course the religious aspect on all of this also matters. Strangely, nobody here is of a particularly religious cast, even though this home was founded by nuns. I guess by today's standards they are also trite persons, for the staff would scoff at "vows of poverty" and most likely view them as just a bunch of underqualified worthless disposables also...

    Hours of watching podcasts on Buddhism, on meditation, on the beauty of the lotus sutra, on watching benevolence take place in foreign countries through the efforts of Tzu-Chi Buddhist Foundation as shown on Da-Ai TV. But things were still not clicking for me, because of flashbacks---flashbacks on all the other bad things that have happened recently together with events in my life---really depressing when taken together.
    I know I needed some faith, and I am sort of interfaith when it comes to religion having grown up Catholic. A Buddhist-Catholic who also practices Falun Dafa meditation. Altogether these practices help heal and calm together with chanting Ami-Tuo-Fo (Amitabba Buddha incantation). Certainly, it helps that the unpeaceful neighbor is now moved downstairs; it is quieter here. But the aspect of an unhappy ghost remains. 
    I was too angry to visit the Church nearby. We can't comment on other aspects over there, yet, the need for healing was so strong that we still undertook a small pilgrimage to the National Shrine. And despite a sort of karmic aftertaste, there was still a very good sense of faith validation. You may not be happy with the church, with administration, with politics, but there is still the faith itself. Only by being grounded in faith can there be healing. 
    It seems trite today to quote from the Prayer of St. Francis of Assisi. Isn't that poem a bit too loaded with extremes, binary suppositions? I can't replace sorrow with joy just like that. Nor does peace come with the snap of the fingers. We see how sorrowful life must be for the Plowshares Eight, including priests and nuns protesting for peace, a true cause. Peace and healing is a process, a personal process that no one should violate or interfere with! 

    So despite the exposure, let me share with you a beautiful discovery from online at Even if I doubt that Pope Francis is going to be able to do all that much to ameliorate the piteous situation in Iraq, where the people have suffered decades of wartime unrest and the region is fraught symptoms of climate change, maybe its neighbors will relent more in their persecutions, water-hoarding, and sanctions. Pope Francis has little to do with me anyway. My belief is that he is only a nominal head of the Church; only I can help myself get to heaven. What I can change is how much I can broaden my view of Western faith. All is not lost in this world if we can still pray, whichever part of the world.

    So here is just one find from Christopher Castagnoli on "Spiritual PPE: Prayer, Perseverance, and Equanimity." The essay centers around a simple prayer at its heart:
"Dear Lord, when I’m fighting against darkness and confusion so often these days, strengthen my will in prayer so that i may persevere in good intentions in following You and doing Your will. Help me to develop and nurture the spirit of equanimity, so that I may keep my thoughts and emotions on an even keel, confident that You are there and will see me through whatever choppy waters or even storms that may lie ahead. Amen."

    Its theme involves the ability to stay centered, grounded, amid the distress, the flotsam and jetsam we are surrounded by as we navigate through our complex lives. Shallow people emphasize the rules and regulations in order to scare us into believing that we must do this or that, or else. They want to delude us into magical-thinking, using head-in-the-sand reasoning. Some people delight in intimidating others and seeing them react with fear and anxiety, or other negative reactions, by which they can pull their strings. Others use jeering and mockery as a failsafe to create a sense of shame and humiliation. Still others have such unreasonable rules or mixed messages in dispensing order, that you cannot help breaking them and thereby inducing a sense of guilt. All these are just fleeting emotions which impede you ability to achieve inner peace. This is why Father includes St. Theresa's bookmark prayer: 

"Let nothing disturb you,
Let nothing frighten you,
All things are passing;
God only is changeless.
Patience gains all things.
Who has God wants nothing.
God alone suffices."

    In my humble spiritual sojourn, arm-chair pilgrim, there are many secret treasures in Western Literature, such as William Blake in "Auguries of Innocence" about which the Buddhist Master Venerable Guan Cheng commented upon in his Lecture 60 on The Longer Sukavativyuha Sutra in his podcast on February 19, 2021 ( 

    Its not just a simple matter of me becoming more like Mary in the Martha and Mary parable of the New Testament, but me really becoming more sincere in trying to see and find God in other people. The healing is not going to happen overnight, but it definitely starts with me.

Jesus with Mary and Martha, Bible Women, Painting by He Qi

Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Signs Your Habitat is Controlled by a Slumlord


He wants his freedom but they don't want to allow that...
Recently I ran into a person I used to see at Miriam's Kitchen, one of the poets of our group. There were several white males in our group that met every Wednesday morning (pre-Covid). One was a former professor, up in years, who due to taking care of his wife, had used up his savings. Another, a very dapper fellow, preferred roughing it rather than submitting to living in shelters. This one was not actually a regular of our group---rather, I would see him at the GW Cafetaria, him and his friend. A long time ago, at least six years back, when things were better, they confided to me that they actually lived on Roosevelt Island. I don't know if he still lives there, but I could tell that things had not gotten much better for him.

Recently, a person, an elderly African-American woman in our house was sent home to Our Home in Heaven, at least we hope so. This woman, she was at least 75, possibly over eighty. It's hard to tell with African American women sometimes because they can age well. I won't go into the details of the elderly abuse problem in this house. There is so much injustice in the world today, and only places like Poor News Network is holding seminars on how to fight eviction notices.

Here are ways slumlords narcissistically enrich themselves at others expense, including their safety, dignity, and well-being. Note that we are working off of our reserves today, so if links are missing, it's because it's been so traumatizing.
  • Refuse to honor the CARE Act or any Congressional legislation allowing Renters to forego rent payment. According to the National Low Income Housing Coalition in a seminar a couples months ago, landlords are filing court appeals to prevent any renters from nonpayment of rent. They are sending in police to enforce eviction notices, and they don't care what kind of exception exists. 
 You can't force people to care. How much does Trump care when the rules are not bent for his own profit? That is the example set, and when people are forced out, the prevailing "Who Cares" attitude ensures that passerbys will only mock them...
  • Gaslight and torment the most vulnerable. So if there is an elderly woman who is feeble-minded, who has mobility issues, who is timid, who has other special needs, they will do the opposite of care. It's hard to believe until you see it and experience this callousness close up. The staff will deliberately ignore this person even if they are advised to check up on her often. If told they are drinking themselves to death, they will continue to ignore that. 
  • Use Flying Monkeys. What is a "Flying Monkey"? I learned that term from Doctor Ramani in her narcisissm seminars online. Basically it means someone who aids and abets the bully, who is a willing minion. Here we have several Flying Monkey types who deliberately look the other way when they see abuse. They enable the bullies or the narcissistic staff by stroking their ego, "kissing up," and pretending to be standby authority figures among their peers. In turn, they are awarded with special favors, such as immediate access to staff, copies of house keys, special recognitions (even if they are inventive).
Picture how this works with the Peter Principle or principle of inefficiency: Residents love to act out and break things and waste supplies. Instead of counseling residents on these matters, the Program Administrator specializes in creating and administering work orders: the more maintenance requests there are to manage, the better. Therefore there is a preference to let things go unfixed, to delay or postpone, and to create more  paperwork by keeping track of new purchase orders.
  • Unleash the psychopaths in our society: COVID-19 has furnished its own unique excuse, given them free rein even. Whether it's a lurking Dr. Mengele, Dr. Ishii, Dr. Kevorkian, or whomever, the Death Doctor honestly probably feels he or she is doing society a favor by suffocating their patients to death. 
"The family will be spared caring for this older disabled person, if ever they did!"
"The government doesn't have to enact so many austerity measures or cutbacks on Social Security. We will help the government save money!"
"Euthanasia is the trend. Why must so many Americans live so long when they are no longer active in the production line? My line of thinking goes along with all those great industrialists! Save those pensions and health insurance for SpaceX." 
"Who cares if the COVID-19 vaccine is inappropriate or not? I am following orders and they are my laboratory guinea pigs!" 
  • Enable Agism, Machiavellianism, and Other -isms to flourish. If you had a mean girl streak, the time is ripe for conducting harassment under the cloak of virtue, following guidelines, climbing the career ladder, cheating, crime, etc. Because theoretically, everyone is too busy and nobody has the time to chase down petty crime. Just like the break-in to this older lady's room in our house. Even if she and I had a well-founded suspicion who it might be, nothing was done. The staff even doubted that 'she had so much money in her room.' But what about the fact that multiple people in the house have master/old keys? 
Even at the Sports Club near Georgetown, some gals were remarking in my hearing that with so many clubs around, older adults should just go exercise elsewhere. The implication was that we might be a 'threat to their safety.' Hmmph! And who is paying their club dues but their Daddy and Mommy, while we pay our own dues? In fact, a nearby yoga club now has more middle-aged women enrolling because they are welcomed and not just by their cohorts. 
Doctor Ramani advises in "Healing when there is no justice": Don't wait for justice to come around. In real life, often times it won't. Of course you can take steps to ensure it can take place. In the age of COVID-19, sure the senior centers and community centers are closed, but you do have their phone numbers and contact information! I have the D.C. Department of Aging and Community Living bookmarked! I have their phone number and email addresses. (
  • Weaken our spiritual faith as a society. Note I am speaking in the United States, that our society abounds at best in mixed messages. We mostly have the "Who Cares?" sign on our $50,000 leather jacket, and most of the juvenile educated, former ex-con, love-watching-sports types take pride in their paganism. Even talking with our housing minion about the recent death (which followed another semi-suicide six months ago), the "Tough as a Teamster" gal switched subjects and tried to make it about the single-horse track of "career probing." (Her headgame varies per resident, whichever one she thinks gets under your skin). Of course I personally have tried to spiritualize our living environment, but the attempts have failed beyond hanging paintings, sprinkling holy water, attaching symbols of love, and other decorations. It's a miracle when they are not destroyed or taken down. 
Has it occurred to you that your concerns about the stove and whether the broken parts are fixed might be cured by PRAYER? YES, PRAYER. If we all prayed more, it might improve our temper and our patience, and then we might not be twisting the stove knob off, or kicking the wall, or cutting up the dish sponge...These things might just last longer if we cared more, treated our surroundings with gratitude...
I am not the only person who can feel the change, the passing of an age as it were, with the passing of so many elderly locked away, left to die, in nursing homes. They had wisdom, a free and useful product indeed, to share with society. But just like the recordbreaking wildfires in California, most people are too glued to their TV or smartphones to notice the winds of loss in the air. Even their pets can sense it, but the owners cannot, because it was not something told to them in the mainstream news.

We are not just a ship of fools; we refuse to acknowledge that a lifetime of wisdom does not happen overnight. When I study the buddhist tracts, I realize that the myriad of terminology, teaching methods, stories, songs, and art are all the work of centuries of monks and nuns who persisted in spite of adversity. They are like the scientists whose body of work we ignore in favor of the words of an ignoramus for President. (It's called the Dunning-Kruger effect of bias and illusory superiority.) 

If there is any takeaway, I am dealing with the sorrow as much as I can on my own. There's precious little comfort here. So many of the guests and visitors are taken in by the superficial charms and hospitality of the moment....

Doctor Ramani in "How to heal from narcissistic relationship when there is no justice" -

Watching Dr. Ramani, and Surviving Narcissism is not a sure-safe method to develop tactics against abusive people. Like Trump, they often will claim they are victims, and that perhaps you are the narcissist. All kinds of headgames...

Friday, January 8, 2021

Trump is a psychopath, remove him now!


Union Station now looks like ghost town from the 1970s & Steal the Rally sponsors recommended the marchers to dine out in Alexandria, VA!
Trump is a psychopath, he deserves jail time!
We watched it all, starting on January 5, 2021 with the gathering at Freedom Plaza in Washington, D.C. through January 6, 2021 at various patriot outlets. I will list them here, although due to the trespassing on the Capitol grounds, including in Washington, DC, Columbia, SC, Olympia, WA, we are not sure those YT channels will stay up. 
There are various small channels that also offered live coverage or feeds. The channel operators claim that the feeds do not necessarily reflect their views, yet obviously, like NTDTV or Epoch Times, the rebels were not just talking with anybody. You needed to be on their side to be granted access for interviews, is the way they saw it!
On January 5, 2020 at Freedom Plaza, one citizen-journalist making the rounds with Trump activists was repeatedly rebuffed, even threatened for being suspected of "being a socialist, communist, antifa." WUSA9's reporter stayed blocks away from the melee because these blokes are not your friendliest.
We encountered quite a few of the 'Stop the Steal' activists inside Walmart on January 5, and wandering around along Massachusetts Avenue. Just very average looking people, yet it is clear they are on a mission, sent by God himself no doubt. Typical of these reactionaries are several noticeable traits. They are excitable. Within a minute or two if they discover your views do not align with theirs, they will commence attacking you, calling you names. They refuse to listen to the voice of logic and reason once they can no longer defend their shallow talking points. They have a lot of deep-seated anger, and arguably this is misplaced anger, since taking the side of the billionaire kleptomaniac family is far from good for the American public. 
Just in case you don't believe me, my neighbor is one of them...
Just in case you don't believe that we know what we are talking about, my neighbor is one of them! She routinely hates on people, and maintains all kinds of stock stereotypes of how we should behave, yet somehow because we do not meet expectations, she has a right to be angry, accuse us of discrimination, call the police...

For over four years we have had to watch more and more people succumb to the Trump Derangement Syndrome. The marvelous part being that any time the person tries to defend themselves against a false accusation by a TDS patriot, that patriot will also play the victim, sort of how an opossum plays dead to escape capture. And of course the counter-attack, counter-lawsuit, counter-distraction is one of Trump's most notorious plays. It's how he's managed to evade the plaintiff, and according to USA Today, it was over 4095 lawsuits in 2016. It's not rocket science to understand why he wanted to stay in office! It has nothing to do with Jo Public, but rather legal protections afforded by immunity from prosecution as a President of the United States! (Here's a nice graphic for aspiring law students in case you want to join his team!)

So why are so many followers being duped into believing that he is the Son of God himself? That his words are unquestionable? That his tweets are COMMANDS? Is it because it gives them the same kind of torpor as some sweet red knockout drops?

No doubt it's sort of complicated. People who are conservative, according to Big 5 personality tests tend to be less open, more prone to rigid inflexible thinking. Like my neighbor will only listen to radio stations with plenty of Trump-speak. Technology has enabled us to share over time and space in split seconds, but it has also morphed what used to be a daily diet of balanced news into a smorgasbord selected by Facebook or our other artificial intelligence feeds. So we revel in group confirmation and viewpoints that increasingly exclude and target the opposing side. 

Insecure people (including Trump or Bannon) will devote hours upon hours checking their social feeds because they have become addicted to managing their profile. Just look at how many WH press secretaries Trump has turned over, an average of one per year; not to mention the other turnover in the Cabinet. They absolutely demand that people reflect, no genuflect in front of them, take the "Trump Oath." There are people who adore Trump because they adore his manly power. They believe he exudes financial gain, limitless fame, and the boundless glory of the Presidency. 

In every age, there are the worshipers of Baal (god of Money), and Moloch (god of human sacrifice). Moloch requires child-sacrifice, and this is why Trump set up the detention camps and wants to build the US-Mexican border wall. Like the counterpart in Israel, the border wall is a ruse to foment bloodshed, captivity, and human suffering. According to human rights groups such as Amnesty International, hundreds of children have gone missing. However, since those are only from official reports, there are more likely thousands of missing children, children who conveniently disappear and reappear in human trafficking as slave labor or child sex-slaves or are sacrificed.

The type of people who gravitate towards Baal and Moloch don't wear special name tags and do not need to join the occult. In America, all they have to do is become addicts of junk pop-culture, such as the Hollywood-elite controlled satanic worshiping trashy rock music videos; for children, their induction comes via stages of advancement in the world of virtual gaming. Their brains fried by ritual slayings, their hearts benumbed by one-sided episodes, their souls become as corrupt as their parents. And for those who cannot believe that this behavior is condoned, please investigate all the politicians who were potentially tied to Jeffrey Epstein pedophilia or K12 teachers connected with Hell's Angels drug and human trafficking. Their nights are the same as their days, an endless jumble fest of feeding, acquiring, and preying upon others...

Our mainstream culture bans spirituality in public news, schools, and almost any other setting. The only practice left is hedonism and decadence, pagan savagery and competition. This is why the elders are fascinated with raping children, is because they cannot believe in God, but meanwhile, they lust after youth, because they do not believe in the sanctity of true Nature and the sacred Cosmos. Its like some savages that we know who will celebrate chopping down the very last tree in the forest as an unforgettable ritual, and who will wake up with the forest gone, the riverbed dried, and yet not be able to recount their own responsibility, but instead, will start murdering and cannibalizing one another. Sacred indeed!

But here is what Jared Hussey lists in "13 Types of Donald Trump Supporters." There are the haters, proud deniers, ignorant dads, fans of The Apprentice, die-hard Republicans, child molesters, slogan suckers, establishment Russians, Frat D-Bags, ISIS, sexists, gun people, selfish people. 
We pointedly beg to differ on the "establishment Russians" for several reasons. One, there are not that many Russian-Americans; two the Russians have been accused of info-war spin ala puppet master Vladislav Surkov, however, there are a lot more neocons involved in spin, not to mention the Mercer family, who may have once again helped this election cycle through social media or via superPAC funding; third, the accusation of the Russians being involved might be less precise than that of Zionist Jews favoring the incumbent. It is no secret that there are close links between Trump son-in-law Jared Kushner and Israel PM Benjamin Netanyahu. Some people have alleged that ISIS itself is not only a CIA funded creation but assisted and infiltrated by the IDF. In the aftermath of the election, and as the frustrations of Donald Trump have mounted, where did Jared Kushner run to but Israel? Presumably it was to advance the Peace Treaty, and in fact he also can spend time in his home on the West Bank (where Jewish developments have mostly been acquired by illegal settlements since the land belongs to Palestine). Thus, if Trump is looking for a safe haven in the aftermath of leaving office, the West Bank might be a such a place, as there are other illegal settlers there, but he would still be afforded the free protections of the IDF, and can remain invisible there if he wants to, or build some new hotels. And the West Bank has become a safe-haven for convicted Jewish criminals, perhaps such as Jeffrey Epstein.

Selfish people? Hussey writes:
"You might be a Trump supporter reading this and thinking to yourself, 'Hey, I don't fit any of these categories.' First, look back and read again. Are you sure you're not racist? Are you my dad? Well, if you don't fit any of the above groups, then this group is for you. You're just plain selfish. You voted for Trump because his policies would benefit you (or you thought his policies would benefit you)...."
Does this explain the close election results? Our opinion is that in fact there was voter machine tampering or envelope miscounts but that it might have been the other way because in October, the political pundits had forecasted an up to 15% lead by Biden over Trump. How could that 15% lead be narrowed down to less than 5%? It's actually surprising that more Democrats have not been screaming about cheating...

But our pro-Zionist media is always also intent on keeping the American public focused on "civil war" possibilities; the elite would see the common citizens as nothing but pawns who must by kept distracted by bread-and-circuses. Since they have gotten most of the "bread" breaks from any bail-out legislation, then all we have left are the "circus" arenas; such is the fanfare of this past summer's Black Lives Matter riots. Those riots (enabled by the Trump-law-and-order cops) have pitted the voters on the opposite side of the patch, the poor whites, against their traditional fictive enemy, the hapless blacks. It is nothing less than pathetic, that in the middle of the worst pandemic to strike the world, and especially the United States, since 1917, along with global recession, that the American public is warring over "socialism and CCP." 
#MagaThugs had it planned out weeks in advance!
The "selfish" per Hussey have no concept of the virus being a natural borne transmogrified entity. They are too conformist to recognize that trickle-up has actually happened; we can see they NEVER notice homeless people who are invisible to them; but they love to PROJECT THEIR BLAME onto whoever they can target. And Trump embodies that opportunity for them: He is the figure-head of the angry bloviating monster who will blame, balk, and bombast his figurative enemies rather than try to understand, empathize, coordinate, and cooperate. This is one reason why in the middle of such a horrible year, all Trump has bragged about is the health of Wall Street, and the need to take military and economic action against enemy nations. 
Selfish People? Haters? Proud Deniers? Gun People? Sexists?
You saw plenty of those at the Steal of the Century MAGA Rally on January 5, and January 6, 2020 (even if the Virginia Women did hold a 'fake' prayer circle). And if you check out some of these hash tags, you will be assured that I am not alone in my condemnation of these horrific events which took place yesterday. After all, my first introduction to Washington, D.C. was in 1977 when our family took a Back East vacation that included several days in the nation's capital. I still remember our VIP tour of the Capitol building. My parents loved it so much they signed us up for a VIP tour twice. Funny that in the intervening years, I have not gone on any additional tours, but I have been in the vicinity quite often, often for research purposes, other times conducting political advocacy. It's like the Black Lives Matter twitter feeds notes, that double standards are SO OBVIOUS HERE IT WAS INTENTIONAL. 
Last year, I was just taking a walk around the Capitol building, and had to sit and rest. Well, just because the bench was too close to the steps on the West side, the guard scowled at me and pointedly tried to make me sit somewhere else. It was a marble bench by the steps and I had no intention of climbing the steps, yet he would not even let me sit there. And he was a guard of color, but it really doesn't matter; it's their somewhat blatant sexist attitude and particularly towards Asian-American female walking alone, as if that were somehow a crime from the Victorian era...
And this is not to mention the perfectly shameful descending on a handful (less than 30) Poor People for Economic Human Rights Marchers the security agencies harassed and tried to arrest for camping at Dupont Circle in June 2018, after they had triumphantly and laboriously marched from Philadelphia, PA to Washington, D.C.
There's a lot more at these feeds about whether or not these were not a blatant coups attempt. Believe me, all you have to do is watch (hopefully not too redacted) the videos at StatusCoup channel to view the sophisticated coordination via social media, the planned points of entry and methods of attack to gain entry. The clumsy responses of the guards looking like rapprochements, as if they were playing football. Nothing like what would be expected if this were a group of angry colored women, which might include their using tasers, rubber bullets, and clubs. All the Capitol police, even in the Library of Congress normally carry taser guns or guns with possibly rubber bullets. So why the guards would be essentially standing by is more than likely because they were told this circus would appease the Group of Seven...
Stay tuned....Afterall, this unrest is not going to go away soon, and that's exactly what the elite like, is a state of civil war, just so Trump and his family can safely stowaway those $600 million SuperPAC monies, or arranges self-pardons, or keep those dirty slaving subcontractors off their backs, maybe in China, right? 
PS. Epoch Times and NTDTV were paid off a long time ago to become the Asian version of Fox News. They have literally furnished Trump all the toxic lingo he uses on a daily basis to "blame China" such as "CCP Virus" and all the rest of the baloney. 


Monday, September 7, 2020

Social Engineering Already Here: Branding by the Building

HUD Building looks like Luxury Tower 

                Social Engineering: Name-Branding Your Soul

    While this entry may sound like a personal story, it isn't. It's about a story of injustice and aggrievement being played out over and over all across the country ever since Covid-19. We presume that you are at least half-conscious of the pandemic which has forced global lockdowns and deprived people of their livelihoods, jobs, homes, adequate healthcare, access to public services, etc.

     A shutdown called by independent commentators such as The Last American Vagabond as a poor people's disease, because the rich take medicines we are not supposed to, have immediate access to healthcare, enjoy their vacation at home or escape to their favorite getaway, have gotten more filthy rich than ever due to their lawyers being able to economically engineer the Payment Protection Program (PPP) such that they are able to get a cut for their small business front companies, and laugh all the way to the Swiss bank about it while avoiding taxes.

    Despite TLAV holding the races on super-long broadcasts, leaning libertarian, and painting an information war with Surkov-style apathy, the observations take the rhetoric apart for us to see behind the curtain on what appears to be a move toward medical martial law, martial law, and just plain social totalitarianism. 

    There is the theoretical construct of a social democracy, such as has long existed in Europe, a destination that many refugees flee to when their home countries are stricken by war, drought, poverty, hunger, and disease. Europe appears to be the fat cow with larder enough for everyone, regardless of whether you paid land taxes or not, and a sort of cultural totalitarianism is underway.

    Totalitarianism is being ordered what to do by the authority of the moment, whether a bouncer at a biergarten, team member at your gym, paranoid neighbor, bossy Karen, a manipulative and controlling real estate agent, etc. They have a vested interest, like Trump, in a fanciful Hollywood image of their brand, and what can create more capital for them, and you are branded based on your usefulness to their marketing. Short of that, you are nothing to them.

    Am I being overly harsh about life for the lower 50%? No, on the contrary, things have never looked so bad, and the worst part is that we have an administration that lacks any kind of empathy, and his staff have all taken the personal loyalty oath, meaning they do not serve the people, they serve a private corporation embodied in Trump. At least 60% of the people or more inside the Beltway lean pro-conservative, pro-military, pro-big-business, pro-status quo. As long as their little fiefdoms are protected, they don't mind seeing the musical chairs game. They are advising their sons and daughters to walk around the circle faster, and grab hold of chair to sit on before the music stops. 

    The fortunate squeeze through the door but understand the rules regarding the unlucky. Whether it's a relative, neighbor, friend, they are, in the words of the beautiful eloquence of the Dayz of Noah, now labeled "pre-crime." Pre-crime is the label for the homeless, the unemployed, the underemployed, those without adequate documents, those without a permanent home, any older person of color, any person who is handicapped, any person with poor health, and so forth. One doesn't need to be a rocket scientist to notice that anyone can be suspected of falling into the undesirables category, or mistaken as such, and hence the growing sense of fear, paranoid, and playing cool-in-the-gang-lock-step fascinisto. 

    The point is that unlike in other countries, such as rural villages in the old-country, in China, or elsewhere, your unhappy misfortunate relatives are not welcome to stay with you, not allowed to stay for longer than a week, and you are encouraged to abuse them because "a poor person is bad marketing." 

    Yet what really goes on in some of these smart luxury towers inside the Beltway or in New York or Seattle. Everywhere the image is the same: young white couple obediently wearing face masks trotting out their fanciful dog of choice (who doesn't need a mask) so it can do whatever three times a day. They look like the Dick-and-Jane of pre-Rocky-Horror Picture Show, ever so clean, decent, proper, suave, wholesome-looking, etc. 

     Oh, are looks deceptive, as Eyes Wide Open, Stanley Kubrick's last movie do hint. You can never tell these days, who is post-Rocky-Horror Picture Show, and that is part of the Problem, to add to the heap of problems that the greatest country on Earth does not want to recognize or deal with. The administration is deadset on all manners of sideshows to derail what ought to be the true stories of the day, and what we all should be talking about, if only it were more like FDR. 

    So yes, we are faced with a growing number of homeless, of desperate home-owners, of jobless, of insecure, and these people of course are also stressed because our society will duly ostracize them and shame them if their instability is uncovered. These people probably have no time or energy to protest, but the orchestrated circuses of BLM vs T-Party Militia seemingly absorbs all of prime-time media. There are no bombs going off in Lebanon, no wildfires raging for months on end, no children trapped in detention centers, no crowded families squeezed into wire cages (as depicted by Amnesty International). Just a growing potential for what the administration wants most: more strife for more martial law.

    The people inside the Luxury Towers are not saints. Not by any stretch of the imagination where my sister lives. On the contrary, no actually saintly person would want to live there. It's the very reification of High Rise, a novel in which the upper floors of the Tower persecute and shame the lower floors. This is the problem with the rich who have no heart: they end up like the 40 Thieves in Alibaba, attempting to do one another in, showing one another up, with endless strife and competition because they have no sense of inner peace and grounding.

    Their sins are manifold, yet they are immune to prosecution and guiltless because they belong to The Club. So inside, they hold their rave parties, their footsteps on the floor sounding like sheep hooves prancing over your ceiling, for even though where my sister lives is pricey, the slab floors are thin and the wooden floor covering conveys the rattataptap until the wee hours. They swim or rather stand in the shallow rooftop pool, pasty Eastern skin slathered in gourmet coco-butter to spread sweet scents and entice the wrinkled but powerful. They gather in bunches at the pool sitting side-by-side, in-front of one-another, possibly even engaging in grinding motions. And whether or not there are bodily fluids leaking into the rare pool, when it leaks down to the floor below (which it does every other year), those occupants get a special kind of shower...

    This is social-engineering at its finest, Brave New World style. The nearby universities encourage their coeds to stay at this luxury apartment building, and the building always offers them a generous discount during their first year. College coeds, paying hefty tuitions, are not discouraged from meeting up with a sugar-daddy or two whether in the building, or welcomed into the building during their weekend parties. The local dealers all know which luxury building they can connect with, cultivating connections, and cruising around at night to peddle their pharmacopia from trunks. Just like Eyes Wide Open, the staff, the security, the so-called responsible establishment do not see these going-ons. They are never acknowledged, since that would be bad for their business.

    But everyone knows its part of the brand. That is also conveyed by the ghastly looking paintings hung on the wall, done in oil, perversion of scrimshaw, scrawls dribbled in phantasmagoria, conveying the psychedelic, and awakening the unsound senses. Knobby sculptures hinting of the body but missing major parts. Cheap slate flooring mistaken for expensive because of the floozy at the front desk. Sanity represented by male concierge in a suit who calls out his greetings to Floor 9, but ignores Floor 1. Everyone must go out of the same door, and come back in by the same door basically too. The managers come and go, but they always owe their longevity to who they can curry the most favors with among the residents. 

    Marvelously, there is never shortage of prospective residents hoping to view the showplace where my sister lives. The Problem is that my sister is not in good health, in fact, she is in rather poor health, especially mentally. Thus she hardly ever listens to her phone, checks her email, and avoids social contact. She lives like a recluse in the building and is afraid to move away, since it's the only home she's known in DC for the past 15 years. There are many available units on sale right now in DC due to the building craze going on. Many older residents can hardly recognize their old landmarks, because they stand beneath or beside new faux natural stone or mortuary ash-brick boxy custom McUrban towers. 

    The curators of these buildings do vary. Some are rather friendly, and quite a few even do a follow-up. However at my sister's place, because of all the high-powered residents, a frosty nastiness is evident. If you dare to comment or complain about anything, unless you are above floor 4, you are not taken seriously. Even if you are live above floor 4, the response is often flippant. Unfortunately the way the building is designed, they have sewer drain pipes running down along the corners of units of the inner bearing wall of the central corridors. These leak every now and then and my sister has had her toilet backed up at least once, which freaked her out so much, that I ended up cleaning up the floor and carpet for her. Of course it would have taken half a day at least for the staff to come and do it, and so I had to, even though she hardly thanked me. 

    There are actually complaints about the sewer overflowing in the tub of another resident recently on Yelp, with an unsightly photo of the tub 1/4 filled with scummy grey water. How long Yelp will keep that review up, I don't know. Yelp claims to keep their reviews up indefinitely but they shuffle the poorly rated ones down or even put them in the hide-section (which are not viewable on Android phones). And they also do restructuring of the website every so often to basically thin-down the number of reviews. 

     Their current staff is more nasty than ever, because the high-powered are now working in a Republican administration, and they really do not care for people of color or any kind of deplorable. Of course, where deplorable goes, it is a completely arbitrary label. In my view, having a floozy working at the front desk, with very fake dyed hair, cleavage showing, very pushy and manipulative, and frankly looks like a person who might have once worked in housecleaning at a cheap motel, sends mixed messages. And she was obviously cherry-picking among the visitors, who would immediate get to go on a self-guided tour, and who might have to wait for a long time, and who would never gain access.      

    The long and short of it was the floozy and manager waved the white visitors on up, whether they were dressed in shorts or had no drivers license to show. The Asian visitors were told by the floozy to sit and wait, and the manager never came out. The Asians finally managed to wheedle their way for access. This former resident, with a clean security record, whose brother is also on the lease as a medical doctor, and probably parents as well, was told she was not allowed upstairs unless there was a direct invite from my sister.

    My sister's condition is such that days and nights are sometimes indistinguishable, and her self-care is at times questionable. She does barely qualify for her unit, and it is probably thanks to my brother, a military officer in the Navy, but she still earns at least 50% AMI. So anyway, because the costs for living there are always high, including amenities, and her best friend who used to help with lease renewal bargaining has moved away, she still spends at least 50% on rental. Then due to Covid, they also cut off the free Breakfast Bar. They always bragged about the free Breakfast, but they also always watched you like a hawk. This is because they skimped on breakfast items in order to snack on them themselves. I used to see them snacking on them or wrapping them up to take home. And my sister relied on those free bagels and apples or bananas alot! 

    So yes, my intention to share some canned goods, and make up from our fight from 3 years ago has come to naught so far because of the staff always obstructing my entry basically. I know my sister has written to encourage me to visit, even told me what times, but she doesn't answer her phone and her call bell is wired to her phone. So every time I try, I am basically rudely turned away. When I try and mention that they used to allow guests, especially next of kin, to just sign in (if they are known by sight) and go upstairs, they cut me off short. They even threaten to call security. This kind of awful snobbish treatment is unlike the other luxury towers I am touring, which at most might require you leave your drivers license with the front desk. 

    But these luxury towers, again only base your credibility upon your monetary value and appearance. And even if I dress well, look confident, start off courteously enough, and am generally patient, these evil staff are acting as if I am already "pre-crime" maybe because I don't act as constipated as some of these Republicans generally do. I don't know. It is obviously discrimination, and an attempt to indirectly affect my sister and family well-being by being obstructive.

    As a matter of fact, there are many past reviews of this and other apartments where the resident complained of being ostracized or treated like dirt after the resident suffered the humiliation of losing their employment. Other comparable experience is graduating and no longer being offered grants or loans. The staff at my sister's place share and gossip about the personal information that is provided, and draw unfair subjective conclusions, and they have amassed a very indiscrete amount of personal, financial, career, employment, health profile of my sister, my brother, my parents, and probably they are sharing it with the NSA due to the presence of high-profile residents in the building, "for security reasons." 

    Rest assured, they might even have a mark by name or face recognition feature where they have identified such-and-such as a journalist, reporter, misfit, lower 30% or whatever. The point is that for no reasonable specific reason, they have chosen to try to treat me as a pariah (even though I have repaired my relationship with my parents, have marvelous relationships with cousins, friends, boss, co-workers, and students). This is impacting my ability to check up on my sister, and try to convey to her important personal information, and also collect personal belongings that I own in her keeping. 

    The other point is again how this Luxury Tower preys on wealthy people by pretending to cater to all their needs. For instance, even though my brother is on the lease as a resident, as a matter of fact, he owns a couple other flats, and is often away. In fact, once Covid hit NYC, he and his Ukrainian wife moved back to the Ukraine, and he has been hiding out there ever since. It's really not such a safe place there due to all the radioactivity still emanating from Chernobyl, and also their biological research labs, and also the ordnance from skirmishes with Russia. And now especially because of an influx of Bela-Russians. But the point is that staff don't really care or mind because he has the title, honor, and wealth. 

    Now the fact is this brother is quite a little dictator in our family, an authoritarian who breaks into screams and tirades when things don't go his way. He was actually a clean decent Naval Officer, but because he is Chinese-American, and because he didn't want to go to all those weird perverted military parties, they moved him up as slowly as possible. And because he was moved up in pay and rank ever so slow compared to his Naval Academy buddies, he succumbed to this careerist mentality whereby instead of being wholly concerned with his profession as a medical doctor, he was developing all these interests in the stockmarket, in trying to amass wealth, and in dabbling in real estate. Of course a lot of doctors are secretly into the title, honor, and glory of being in medicine, and tempted by the junkets and wealth associations. Nevertheless the imbalance can become pronounced, such as his urge to collect money from my parents for any advice and treatment he provides them, for charging them for stays at the fancy downtown Four Seasons, with the price tag including rooms for his six dogs, and insisting that he take charge of the family trust. 

    Both he and my other brother have been squabbling over their authority over this trust, or being able to take it over totally someday. And this brother has also treated, or both of them have treated me with utmost contempt, and in fact they still do, because they really hope that I disappear off the face of the planet. I am in their opinion, both an unwanted threat and burden, and even if things are better for me now, and I do part-time work, and I have my own place to stay, and I have a healthy social network, and I maintain my professional licenses, these brothers are not happy about my having made up with my parents. They would prefer that I be basically disowned, dead, or completely forgotten. This way there would never be any inheritance for me, even though to be honest, I don't even cash the checks my parents mail me! My brother was mad at me, enraged that I refused his money. He thinks that as a poorer person, I should be lapping up his offers of whatever he has to offer me, even though I have a sense of dignity, and if I didn't want a large HDTV to deal with, I will actually just give it away. 

    So this is how both my brothers are, and the staff at my sister's apartment complex realize that since I am the proverbial black sheep, they hope to participate in furthering the separation in their own mean mealy-mouthed ways. I love both my brothers, and pray for them often, but their usurious interests are quite hypocritical and they will try to pretend, like the staff, that it is all about me. In fact, their latest gambit is to just block off my phone, put me on lockdown, and not return emails. This is to short-circuit any attempt at communication, while pretending that I don't exist. I still have their emails, and they have not blocked that yet, but the pecking order is quite clear. They do not believe I can or should be allowed to be of any consequence in the family, even if I actually have my parents' interest at heart. 

    The crookedness of the staff at the Luxury Tower where my sister lives is such that they will pretend that they can provide accommodations to sick, elderly, and disabled people, even when they, in fact, regard them as an extreme nuisance. During my stay, the maintenance engineer would try my door even if I had not filed any request for maintenance, even popping his head in the door to take a look around. When I complained about that, of course it was dismissed. The culture of the Luxury Tower is all about money, status, and pretenses. So everyone has this noveau riche air, whomever they are. It is like trying to ask the current President to care about the people being evicted from one of Jared's many slumlord apartment complexes. He might throw them a roll of toilet paper for a good laugh, but that's about all he cares. People at the Luxury Tower are being behaviorally conditioned and monitored in order to entrain them with the dialectics of capitalist bestiality. You must not care about the lower 40%. All that matters is who lives here, maintaining your ethos of respectability, doing your strut, and supporting our culture of ruthless hedonism. 

    The worst part of the Problem is that with a sort of John le Carre unfolding macabre nightmare, my poor mother might actually have to move in with my sister and brother at this horrible Luxury Tower should she be widowed. It is my duty as a daughter to help keep her informed of better options in the Metro DC area. There are so many nicer gentler communities for older retirees in upper NW, and these communities also have Chinese people living there too. But my mentally disabled sister, and unstable brother, both would not be able to reason that my mother might want her own place, but force her to live in this horrid Luxury Tower, where they routinely isolate, target, and prey on vulnerable people, as they have basically already done to my sister. 

    For instance, after she was laid off from her place of employment with the government over eight years ago, they began secretly shaming her, and browbeating her, but being the conforming type, she basically just kept clinging on there. "It's the most beautiful apartment building in Washington, D.C." she has always gushed. She even convinced me although at the time, I had very little choice. They used to keep the architectural book about the building on the coffee table, and she would paw through it, marveling at each and every photo. I could hardly believe that anyone found the place so fascinating, but yes, my brother is about the same way. He has always loved to build model ships and he loves everything in kits and in ready-to-assemble form, so the idea that these luxury homes have everything about your lifestyle made-to-order probably seems like quite a bit of freedom coming from his neck of the woods.

    The joker card in The Problem is my brother on the West Coast and his own insatiable materialism, and probably urge to also monopolize the trust. Maybe she will be able to stay on the West Coast, and that would actually be a relief so long as she somehow avoids the clutches of these real estate Luxury Tower monsters. We also have aunts and relatives who might know of where she can stay, but my mother can be quite overwhelmed and subject to the fake concerns and entreaties of my siblings when the time comes. I know for sure that over the past eight years, rather than heal from her losing her job, heal from her mental illness, heal from her fears and reclusivity, in fact, my sister has sort of gotten more extreme. 

    It so reminds me of all the sad and desperate Americans who are facing these kinds of challenges should they try to move in with relatives. They will be treated like a cancer, like an eyesore. They will be ostracized and shamed. The staff of the Luxury Tower will brand them as "pre-crime" and make it extremely difficult for them to move in or even stop by and visit. The staff branding them are not in any way exceptional in mind, heart, talent, intellectualism, or background. Often, like the floozy at the front desk of the Luxury Tower my sister lives in, they are upgraded charwomen, or women who will do anything to ingratiate themselves with the high-powered clientele. The men are immigrants with green cards, who the Luxury Tower can pay a pittance, while collecting over millions of dollars in rent every month. The cleaning staff are so poor that they gorge themselves on the free complimentary breakfast food, and take it home. The lease agents come and go, but one can never tell who they also work for or what information they will take with them. And the residents are all just a collection of fair-weather friends, who rarely talk to God, or try to deepen their spirituality in real ways.